Cloud Makes Video Surveilance Smart

Programming for the investigation of video pictures and man-made consciousness (computerized reasoning, ai) decide the eventual fate of camera reconnaissance. Dean Drako, the co-founder of Barracuda Systems, points with his Eagle-Eye Systems for a future in which cameras work cleverly as well as assume control over a great deal of work. "At that point less protects will be required."

According to Dean Drako of Eagle Eye Networks, the new ai-driven cloud applications bring safety to the workplace, in stores and factories, to a higher level. Security is largely automated. The monitoring and giving of alarms are automatic. According to Dean Drako of Eagle Eye Systems, the new ai-driven cloud applications convey wellbeing to the working environment, in stores and industrial facilities, to a more elevated amount. Security is to a great extent computerized. The checking and giving of alerts are programmed.

Camera frameworks serve security as well as help enhance business forms. As of now, just a single in every hundred cameras has an unexpected capacity in comparison to wellbeing. Yet, that is moving. "40% of the cameras will add to business insight," predicts Drako.

New Sony patent on PlayStation 5

Sony is at the stage of development of a new patent, which will be compatible with PlayStation 5. The patent will have all of the consoles from previous versions of PlayStation. In fact, fans of PlayStation should love this idea!

Theoretically, PlayStation 5 might run software from the legacy devices like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2,  and PSone. The idea is that the patent will be tricking the legacy software that it runs on the original device. It will imitate the behavior of the previous version of PlayStation in order for the new hardware to function with the old one. The PlayStation 5 will have the console with 8-core Ryzen CPU and a custom GPU based on AMD's Navi architecture.



Google and Maurithuis collaborate on the project

Google and Maurithuis stepped into the project in order to incorporate famous works of the painter Johannes Vermeer into a virtual environment. With the project "Meet Vermeer",  visitors will experience what a virtual museum is. They can physically walk in the virtual museum through the augmented reality and view 36 paintings by zooming them in. In past, Google already worked with Maurithuis on the French project " Arts & Culture". This is the second time that Google and Maurithuis will collaborate on the same project from Paris.

However, five developers from Google will create the virtual exhibition with paintings of Vermeer for "Arts & Culture" project, so that people all around the world can view masterpieces of the painter. The most interesting element for the creation of the virtual museum is visitor's contribution. People can build the museum themselves. For that purpose, they can use a tour creator by Google, Poly Tours. The tour creator allows using formats ar and vr. To view paintings, visitors should have ARCore (Android) or ARKit (iOS) platforms downloaded on their phones. They can also use normal vr mode on phones.

Furthermore, Google developed the Art Camera two years ago. This robot camera is used for providing people with a virtual view of the paintings of Vermeer. More than that, the camera scan and take a photo of a painting on a distance in 1 meter and uses laser and sonar for a good focus. Therefore, it is possible to zoom in the paintings to view them better. However, paintings can be zoomed only outside of the ar platform.

The "Meet Vermeer" project is a brilliant idea to view and enjoy masterpieces of the great painter Johannes Vermeer!

Review for the Razer Blade Stealth 13 laptop

The new Razer Blade Stealth 13 laptop is now released. The model comes with an Intel Core i7-8565U processor and a 13.3-inch 1080p display. Therefore, it can increase up to 4X performance that is important for businesses when creating content.  The laptop packs a 256GB SATA SSD and 8GB of RAM. The laptop has a new Razer Chroma keyboard and therefore, it combines style and power, which ideally suits for work.

Razer Blade Stealth is also a great opportunity for businesses to work from the laptop as the speed of Intel Core i7-8565U processor reaches 4.6GHZ and up to 16GB RAM. The unibody frame of the Razer Blade Stealth 13 laptop is made of high-grade aluminum, which has good durability. The logo of Razer is in a black color, which makes it very elegant and stylish. The 4K display has 100% of sRGB compatible colors, which produces high-quality visuals and a touchscreen with better productivity.




Cyber Hygiene

Cyber hygiene is the way for data being protected. This helps to protect devices from malware. The data is stored safely from theft and cyber attacks. Cyber hygiene is a sort of instruction and practices, which users of devices can do for the benefit of a system's health and security. There are several practices to follow to protect data and secure functioning devices:

  1. Hardware, software, and applications should be documented. Make a list where you will document it.
  2. From the list, you will see which equipment is not used, software and some apps need to be updated or even uninstalled.
  3. All of the practices for cyber hygiene can be noted down. It can be created a policy for users. The policy might contain information about password changes, software or hardware updates, new installs, back up information, etc.

Users should folow these simple practices to avoid any issues with cybersecurity in future.

The importance of hardware for the healthcare industry

When IT started getting its success, the future of healthcare was also predicted. It was a good beginning for healthcare providers to bring new opportunities in the patients' treatment. Therefore, this article will outline the importance of hardware in the healthcare industry.

First of all, you have new and modern hardware at hospitals and medical centers, which help to provide patients with better treatments because the diagnosis can be easier found. Also, the patients are protected from any mistakes in their diagnosis. The hardware gives more accuracy to the diagnostical results. It can be used for different departments of hospitals and medical centers, which makes the expertise of medical practitioners broader. The treatment can be given in different fields such as pediatric,  surgery, gynecology, dermatology, diegetic, etc.

Besides, the information with medical data can be stored in computers for a long time, which is a benefit. It can be accessed whenever it is needed. The patients can also see their medical records like test results or instructions for treatment. Both medical professionals and patients can have a reciprocal communication with each other when it is necessary.

In conclusion, all of the mentioned advantages make to believe that the hardware is quite important for the healthcare industry. And we expect many more inventions and developments in the future.


Threats of plastic

Most of the companies use plastic for their products and packaging. However, plastic contains toxins, which bring harm to the environment. There are the threats of plastic, which should be taken into account when manufacturing products:

  • It is impossible that plastic biodegrades. Once people throw away any things made of plastic, it will stay in the ground millions for years and only break down into small pieces.
  • Plastic is also dangerous for human health because of toxins that poison people. It results in cancer, birth defects or endocrine disruption, etc.
  • Even small creatures, like plankton, eat plastic because it is also in the water. People use fish as food and different countries, which brings more risks to human health. Besides, fish absorbs the dangerous chemical elements from plastic, which is also a threat to marine species.
  • The same happens to animals. They eat because of thinking that it is food. It is dangerous as animals die because of eating plastic, which does not digest.
  • Plastic cannot biodegrade. Dozens of factories use discard more than 20 millions of plastic. It does not go away. Some factories recycle plastic, but it mainly stays in the ground.

Therefore, manufacturers from around the world should take the situation over. Some of them already looking for ways on how to replace plastic in their products and packaging. We should care about the planet where we live!

Interaction of software and hardware

We live in an era of technologies. On a daily basis, dozens of people use computers for different purposes. Therefore, it would be useful to know how the computer functions! The computer is made of two important elements: hardware and software. Both elements are related to each other. Nowadays, it would be hard to imagine our life without using a computer. We work and study, listen to music and watch films, read books and search for information from computers, so it is irreplaceable in a modern society.

First, we should start with some definitions to make it clear from the very beginning. Hardware is the physical parts of the computer and software is more known as programs that help hardware to perform tasks. They are interconnected as one cannot function without another one. In order for the computer to understand data, the IT specialist should "translate" the software into the programming language because the computer reads only "algorithms", which are clear and logical instructions for performing tasks. Besides, there are two kinds of software: application and system software. The application software helps the user to do specific tasks (e.g. games, word pressing). The system software is not visible for the user because it is the processes of the computer, which make it usable ( e.g. task manager). Therefore, both hardware and software should work smoothly to provide the best user experience.

The software can be improved, if there is a need for it. There exist software upgrades, which are also apps that can be implemented in hardware for more effective performance. They can be downloaded in free access. However, some of the upgrades are costly and the replacement for them would be web applications. Such applications can run from any browser, so it does not need any upgrades. Users can access those applications from the browser.

The Internet of Things

What is " The Internet of Things"?

Nowadays, “The Internet of Things” is a very popular and increasingly growing topic in the world. The concept is new and complex. The main idea is that any of devices can connect to each other with the use of an on or off switch, which is also called "The Internet of Things" platform. All of the shared data transfers through that platform between connected devices. In the process of data transfer, people also help to create a connection between devices. For example, you are in a hurry for a very important meeting but gets into a traffic jam. Your car navigator in the phone reacts immediately to the situation and sends a message to people that wait for you at the meeting. It is a perfect scenario, isn't it?

How does it work?

In fact, "The Internet of Things" gets more discussions around the concept than it is actually applied for daily use. But this is just a matter of time. Some companies already work on the implementation of "The Internet of Things" to their businesses. In several years, people might start living a "smart" life in their "smart" houses and more than that, "smart" cities. Imagine, you are going back home from a nice time spent with your friends. You have an electronic watch on your wrist and press on the screen. Simply, your electronic watch sends a signal or notification to your house to start preparing for your come. The house immediately turns on the heating in rooms, a boiler heats the water for a warm shower and the kettle starts boiling water for tea in the kitchen. This is how a "smart" house will look like in the near future.

The same will happen to cities all over the world. The infrastructure will be improved and made better for the living conditions of citizens. For example, the number of traffic jams will decrease because people get informed quickly about it so that they know which road not to drive. This is just a small drop in the ocean of changes and improvements, which should be awaited ahead.

"The Internet of Things" in business 

"The Internet of Things" is also very important for companies, which operate in a B2B sector. If manufacturers produce their products by embedding sensors, it will help them to know whether there are any problems with products. In such a way, issues with products will be detected on an early stage and fixed accordingly. Sometimes, a problem is not exactly with a specific product, but with distribution and supply chain. This is also something that can be found out immediately with a help of sensors embedded in products. For sure, this is quite expensive to use "The Internet of Things" for a lot of businesses and consumers. However, it is a big step towards the future.




The best performing hardware of the past week - Cisco SG100D-08P-NA

EHT is happy to announce you that the best performing hardware of the previous week is Cisco Systems 8-Port-SG100D-01-NA 8 Gigabit  Switch. The product is perfect for people who work from home or have small businesses. The initial idea of creating this switch is for the usage in business networks. It is easy to use the switch for people who prefer working from home. The speed is fast and it has 16 Gbps of capacity, meaning that the data can be transferred to other users quickly. It also provides users with HDTV and VoIP phone connections.  The size of the switch is 5.51, which makes it good for putting somewhere at home. The hardware also supports 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1,000 Mbps technical products.

Furthermore, the Cisco switch saves energy when the devices turn off, meaning that the hardware changes its mode. This helps to consume less energy, which is also an advantage for a potential user of the switch. The product is very comfortable for using it, offering fast speed for data transfers and a power-saving mode.