Essential Hardware Products for Starting Your Business as a SME

Whatever the sector in which you operate, as part of your startup plans you will have to invest in high-quality devices and hardware.

A number of hardware kinds can simplify many of your day-to-day business and administrative activities and support you in organizing your company. You can save cash and make the most of your startup budget by knowing what type of instruments and facilities you invest.

Five hardware products are here that you need to start your company.

A Desktop or Laptop Computer

Easier to transfer laptops to multi-user workstations, whether it's custom desktop computers, make sure you work with a reputable business that meets your computer requirements. Weigh your desktop or laptop computer whether you want it. You will need several years of duration of products and hardware that require minimal maintenance or maintenance. Fortunately, on the market, there are plenty of quality computers and excellent laptop choices.

External Hard Drive

Some machines on your network may need an external hard disk to store and assist you organize certain kinds of data. An external hard drive can be a smart investment for startup companies that do not want to store data on the cloud or on hard drives on their pcs.

In the case of an incident such as fire, precious and delicate information can be protected on external hard drives. These can be used for certain data types as backup systems and even invest in a scheme with built-in locks and additional layers of safety in order to avoid robbery.

Network Server Solution

You will have to set up a network server if your company is to support any sort of network for your database, email apps, and other documents. From several server alternatives, you can choose according to the quantity of storage, safety and backup requirements you need. Work with a specialist to make sure you purchase the correct package according to present and future requirements.

Wireless Router

Maintain the wireless connection of your office or workspace to the Internet. High-speed connectivity to all connected pcs and mobile devices can be achieved through a powerful wireless connection. Beware that working wirelessly reduces the need for additional wires running around and into your office if you have a tiny room.

A Quality Printer

Whether you intend to print all your marketing products or simply have to work with fundamental employment, invest in top-quality printers to save you quick printing times and energy. Reduce printing expenses by enabling your staff to operate as an office without paper whenever possible. For agreements, legal papers and other equipment, you will still need a decent printer. There are many features of some printers such as scanning, copying and faxing.


Investing in the correct hardware goods for your startup company will assist you to remain organized, increase efficiency and minimize additional expenses related to fundamental duties. Since each company has distinctive requirements, consider discussing suggestions about the kinds of hardware that are great for your company with a computer specialist and information safety experts. Take time to discover quality products and alternatives with your company to avoid spending more cash replacing an obsolete system or paying comprehensive upgrades and maintenance fees for your company.

Blockchain will become a foundational layer for everything says the FedEx exec

Like the internet, blockchain has started to underpin new business models.

BOSTON – Blockchain may never be a panacea for all company transactions issues, but in the end, it will become an industry based technology leading to fresh company models. However, in advance, it will be necessary to operate proprietary blockchains and be substituted by open software and industrial norms which allow distributed books to interact across competing companies and border boundaries, according to Dale Chrystie, a FedEx company fellow and blockchain strategist.

"I believe that some years ago it is under all a fundamental layer," said Chrystie at this week's Blockchain Enterprise Summit. "You put the word ' internet' on it all 20 years ago and now you don't. Today we put the word ' blockchain' before all and I don't believe we'll do it in the future, it's just the way it will work." In essence, blockchain could be an open, transparent digital booklet that can remove the intermediary – a central bank or a corporate supply chain database – and essentially alter the way companies deal, Chrystie said.

Along with artificial intelligence and IoT sensors, a blockchain tracking device can trace the roots of products and ensure that everything, from products to flat components, is genuinely authentic. While tiny numbers of companies are able to introduce proprietary blockchains and attain a semblance of transactional effectiveness from business to business by their own "tax highway," Chrystie argues that only an open-source leader based on industrial norms will be widely adopted.

We think the future of this is open source, and we believe when this comes to being established, that all sorts of individuals can add value in addition, "Chrystie said." It's going to take a global village to construct that. "Since 2017, $18 billion was spent in blockchain, either in venture capital financing of starter companies, original offerings of coins and commercial implementation for distributed leader technologies according to Kyle Ellicott, Chief Labor Officer, Food and Healthcare Management, for the first time.

Just over 550 businesses, from hedge funds to accelerators, incubators, consortium organizations, and media, participate in the blockchain. More than 275 companies provide on-site or in the cloud for blockchain platforms, and 20 working groups or consortia have different blockchains. Enterprises move beyond pilots and collaborations and implement the technology to not only track goods but to enable clients to buy products with digital currencies based on blockchain systems. ' This is not a slow trend in Q2, ' says Ellicott, rattling off a roster of businesses, including Accenture, Apple, Bank of America, JP Morgan Case, MasterCard, and Samsung. ' ' In the end, 50 enterprises are moving forward using customer oriented technologies.

By monitoring components during transfers, Blockchain can document suppliers ' contribution to the manufacturing process. The technology does not necessarily stop the implementation of unsafe raw materials but it allows to identify who brought these materials. Another capacity of blockchain is to prevent an unauthorized party from passing on the intellectual property used in production. "The supply chain is a great danger of intellectual property leaving out –particularly for businesses. How can we ensure that our technology is not used elsewhere when we lend our technology to someone else to produce a product for us?" Judd said. "So, we can safely pass on patented data, confidential information, safe data with blockchain, knowing that business is being lent by us for its intended purpose.

Google I/O 2019: How to watch and keep up with the biggest developments

I / O — Google's annual conference developer — starts next week, and we look forward to hearing what's in store for the search giant. For 2019, we hope Google I / O will be packaged with all the details of Google's streaming services from new midrange Pixel phones to more.

We anticipate that most of the major announcements will be made (we're looking at you, Android Q), and we'll cover it live and synthesize the key events, but if you want to watch live the revelations as they happen, what about them? It's easy to do that, don't worry. Here's how you can watch Google I / O 2019 from watching the keynote to watching closely the schedule.

When is it?

Google I / O 2019 is an event that runs from May 7 to May 9 for several days. Everything begins at 10 a.m. with the keynote. PST will continue for at least an hour, if not more, on May 7, and is expected. We expect Google to emphasize a lot, so be ready for a few large ads.

After the keynote is finished, a series of sessions running over the three days will continue for Google I / O. On Google's I / O website and on the Google I / O app you can find the complete schedule. They're mostly designed for developers, but some will be fashionable about things which we didn't see before and a deeper dive into announcements at the keynote will still be interesting.

How to Watch it?

If there are examples from last years, it will be easy to tun into Google's keynote. Google's I / O keynote speech will be broadcast live on the YouTube channel of Google Developers, where all major announcements are issued. It begins at 10:00 a.m. P.S.T. on Tuesday 7 May and our article "What to Expect" will also be integrated into the live stream at the top of the page. In our Google I / O 2019 hub, we will also post time and date reminders, so keep an eye on it.

You will also be able to receive the latest news and information from our team on the ground if you want a more personal approach. Follow the latest developments by Mobile Editor Julian Chokkattu and Juliana Jara from DT Espanol, while new developments are highlighted in Digital Trend and DTMobile Twitter.

Cloud Makes Video Surveilance Smart

Programming for the investigation of video pictures and man-made consciousness (computerized reasoning, ai) decide the eventual fate of camera reconnaissance. Dean Drako, the co-founder of Barracuda Systems, points with his Eagle-Eye Systems for a future in which cameras work cleverly as well as assume control over a great deal of work. "At that point less protects will be required."

According to Dean Drako of Eagle Eye Networks, the new ai-driven cloud applications bring safety to the workplace, in stores and factories, to a higher level. Security is largely automated. The monitoring and giving of alarms are automatic. According to Dean Drako of Eagle Eye Systems, the new ai-driven cloud applications convey wellbeing to the working environment, in stores and industrial facilities, to a more elevated amount. Security is to a great extent computerized. The checking and giving of alerts are programmed.

Camera frameworks serve security as well as help enhance business forms. As of now, just a single in every hundred cameras has an unexpected capacity in comparison to wellbeing. Yet, that is moving. "40% of the cameras will add to business insight," predicts Drako.

Why is refurbishing Hardware Good?

We have noticed that whenever we have contact with a potential client, they are a bit hesitant in buying a "refurbished" hardware.

At the end of the day, purchasing refurbished hardware is smart. Buying used IT equipment is a lot like buying a used car. It offers the best quality at its price point. Due to multiple quality tests, refurbished equipment tends to have better performance ratings than new equipment. Used equipment is also backed by warranties, support, and maintenance plans. Furthermore, restored equipment is the best option if a business has a lean IT budget and needs to purchase quality equipment at a fair price.

Refurbished hardware offers high quality and warranties at the lowest cost. Not only will it save your business’ bottom line, it will help save the planet. Instead of quality used products wasting away in landfills, renewed equipment recycles quality hardware.

WhatsApp Business

Our Customers has been wondering what the WhatsApp icon is doing on our website.

WhatsApp is building new tools to help people and businesses communicate with each other. Since we launched the WhatsApp Business app people have told us that it's quicker and easier to chat with a business than making a call or sending an e-mail. Today we are expanding our support for businesses that need more powerful tools to communicate with their customers.

Here's how people can connect with a business:

  • Request helpful information: When you need a shipping confirmation or boarding pass, you can give your mobile number to a business on their website, on their app, or in their store to send you information on WhatsApp.
  • Start a conversation: You may see a click-to-chat button on a website or Facebook ad to quickly message a business.
  • Get support: Some businesses may provide real-time support on WhatsApp to answer questions about their products or help you resolve an issue.

With this approach, you will continue to have full control over the messages you receive. Businesses will pay to send certain messages so they are selective and your chats don't get cluttered. In addition, messages will remain end-to-end encrypted and you can block any business with the tap of a button.

Intrusion issues? No problem with “Intrusion Prevention Sensor”

An IPS can be considered as an intrusion prevention mechanism.

Intrusion detection and prevention systems provide us with the first line of defense against harmful intruders. We must not consider an IPS as a substitute for IDS (it is a different case if the same tool provides all the functions of both instruments). IPS and IDS provide the control and visibility required by any company to protect their infrastructure from attack and take-over.

One of the most important factors to take in consideration when using an IPS / IDS is a correct insertion into the infrastructure through distribution. Improper implementation will lead to a huge network slowdown and improper management.

The main function of an IPS is therefore to identify the harmful activities, to try to block or cease their activity, to report the activity.

The IPS, therefore, provides a valid security prevention. The IPS detects an intrusion into network traffic.

An IPS should not be confused or confused as a substitute for another network security measure, in particular: the firewall. The task of a firewall is to restrict access to a network/system and is generally unable to detect and prevent an intrusion.


Greetings from Easy Hardware Trading

Hello again, fellow Tech savvy,

This is the new website of Easy Hardware Trading B.V, as we scrapped our old Online headquarter due to the feedback we receive from our customers. The new website will be prettier, more convenient, and most of all, more awesome!

Since you are already on our web blog spots, what are the changes that distinct this brand-new website from the old, obsolete one?

  1. Visual appealing and structure configurations

The first thing can be noticed when visiting the landing page, are the differences in visual design. Our new EHT website is based on “minimalism” and sleek style, with the moderate combination of visual elements (pictures, videos, logos, …) and texts, which is currently a trend among modern corporate websites. The sections are clearly divided, and the use of color tones and background pictures makes sure customers don’t feel overwhelmed or bored during their stay. The menu bars are shortened and divided into main functions, the search tool still makes an appearance to direct visitors to where they want. The change in design structure also leads to another change, which is the increase in…

2. Usability and Information

… The navigation is less chaotic and more well-categorized. Visitors have a general idea about where to go when they first visit the page. The content of one section could be viewed by scrolling down or click on the submenu. This new website will feature more than just lists of equipment, as we realize how crucial it is to constantly communicate with our clients, not only about products or prices, but also about the company’s vision, culture, and our mutual interest: technology. All the new information is stored in a different section, separated from the business part, such as this Blog itself. The customer service also response timely and correctly. Visitors don’t need to worry about spending more times to scan through our new sections, as we will keep you entertained, by…

3. The richness of media contents

The EHT website will feature a link to subscribe to our monthly newsletters, a blog, and information about our team and bonding events. The newsletters will cover a certain topic each month, and provide a briefing on what the Blog page is about on that month. All updates on our company: new employees, new business ideas, environmental projects, … will be subsequently updated on both the social media channels as well as the website.

4. Product detail.

And here, the focal point of our business. The most notable features upgraded from the old website is the detail configurations of each product, their state of usage (used, new, refurbished, along with the description and real-life pictures.

 We hope that these characteristics above are enough to begin with. The website will, of course, be up-to-date, and will always strive to bring the best experience to visitors when doing business with us. For now, please feel free to go explore EHT new online domain!