With the increased use of work-from-home opportunities and the explosion of streaming, the demand for a high-quality router has never been greater. In today’s connected world, nearly every home is crammed with phones, computers, smart TVs, and a slew of other devices all competing for bandwidth.

Your ISP may try to sell you a router, but it is almost certain that it will be overpriced and underperforming. Check out our top options if you want a router with superior performance, range, and functionality. We weren’t promoting Wi-Fi 6 systems until recently, but most items arriving now support it, so we’re comfortable starting to promote such systems.

Best Mesh Wi-Fi System

Netgear Orbi RBK50 or Orbi RBK752

Mesh Wi-Fi networks have grown in popularity. They are intended for medium- to large-sized homes when a single router cannot reach every corner. Mesh systems are more expensive than traditional routers, but they offer a number of advantages such as greater range and seamless connectivity, a simple setup process, and an enhanced management interface.

The Netgear Orbi was the greatest performer in our Mesh Wi-Fi roundup a year ago, garnering top ratings across three competing systems. A properly built mesh network will outperform a classic router with an inexpensive range booster by leaps and bounds. While boosters make it appear as if you have a strong signal throughout your home, they virtually always give slow speeds and poor dependability. Mesh networks of today use powerful routing algorithms to maintain high speeds even at long distances. They often employ separate channels for internal backhaul, whereas standard extenders consume your primary connection.

Almost every major home networking supplier has a foothold in this market, although some are better than others, and Netgear’s Orbi kit is reasonably priced at $260. However, keep in mind that this is a Wi-Fi 5 only system.

Do you need the Wi-Fi 6 Mesh system?

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