Apple's MagSafe Battery review

In this review of the MagSafe Charger, you can read whether this magnetic charger is for you. How handy is it and is the MagSafe charger worth the money? We discuss the pros and cons with our experiences with the MagSafe charger.

I'm sure I speak for all Apple fans when I say I was looking forward to the AirPower, Apple's first wireless charger. The AirPower wasn't just a typical wireless charger with an Apple logo, as Apple frequently does. It has to accomplish something remarkable, such as charge your iPhone and other devices without issue and with accurate placement. However, the proposal proved to be a little too forward, and the AirPower never materialized. That is not to say that Apple has been idle, as we now have a new wireless charger from the company. The MagSafe Charger is especially for the iPhone 12series and has the main twist the magnetic attachment. Is the MagSafe Charger a must-have? Or is it better to ignore the new charger? In this review of the MagSafe Charger, we provide the answer.

MagSafe Charger review: in short

These are the main features of the Mag Safe Charger

  1. Easy to attach to the back
  2. The magnetic wireless charger is available for iPhone 12 models and higher.
  3. Can Charge with up to 15 w
  4. Available from 45 euros
  5. Round disc with aluminum housing.

For this MagSafe Charger review, we tested the regular charger. Apple also comes with the MagSafe Duo Charger, a combination between the MagSafe charger and an Apple Watch dock. This model is expected to be available later this year for an unknown price.

Sony has released a more powerful wearable AC

Sony has revealed a follow-up product to the Reon Pocket, an app-controlled "wearable air conditioner" that the company launched last year after crowdfunding it on its own website. The Reon Pocket 2 looks similar to the original model, but Sony claims that the newly built internals can achieve up to twice the level of heat absorption, resulting in more efficient cooling efficiency. Sony also claims that the sweat-proofing in the Reon Pocket 2 has been improved, making it more suitable for light workout situations.

The previous model was primarily marketed as something to wear with a special undershirt to make summer commuting more bearable, but Sony is emphasizing more flexible use cases — especially golf — this time around. The company has collaborated with sportswear brands such as Le Coq Sportif, Munsingwear, and Descente to create a line of golf clothing with pockets for the unit.

Sony has also created a neckstrap accessory to enable the Reon Pocket to be worn with regular clothing. Previously, you had to purchase a slew of pocketed undershirts from Sony.

The Reon Pocket 2 is out today in Japan for 14,850 yen (about $138). No word on a release elsewhere. reveals his $229 face mask featuring dual fans, ANC headphones, Bluetooth and so much more, better known as the Black Eyed Peas' frontman, has made many forays into the field of technology, not all of which have been successful. However, the rapper has not been deterred by a few previous defeats. His most recent prototype is a high-tech face mask with noise-cancelling headphones and Bluetooth compatibility. It's also far more costly than other masks, at $299.

The Xupermask (pronounced "Supermask") was developed in collaboration with Honeywell and includes dual three-speed fans and HEPA filters. That's the same setup as LG's similarly Cyberpunk 2077-inspired PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier mask.

Since was involved in the design of the Xupermask, it includes built-in active noise-cancelling headphones for listening to music while dressing up as a Fallout character. A microphone, Bluetooth 5.0, and a magnetic earbud docking device are also included.

Taking a page from Razer's Project Hazel, the Xupermask features LED day glow lights, but they aren't RGB like the PC accessory maker's product. There is also a 7-hour battery life.

Rapper Creates Ridiculous $400 'Smart' Face Mask | Man of Many


Jose Fernandez, the Hollywood costume designer who worked on Black Panther, The Avengers, and X-Men 2 created the futuristic look of the Xupermask. He also designed Elon Musk's SpaceX suits.

"For comfort and high performance, the XUPERMASK is made of advanced materials such as silicone face seal and is protected by an elastic band. The versatile accessory is easily customizable to a variety of face shapes and has the versatility to be worn up to 365 days a year anywhere in the world "according to the press kit

Jose Fernandez, the Hollywood costume designer who worked on Black Panther, The Avengers, and X-Men 2 created the futuristic look of the Xupermask. He also designed Elon Musk's SpaceX suits.

"For comfort and high performance, the XUPERMASK is made of advanced materials such as silicone face seal and is protected by an elastic band. The versatile accessory is easily customizable to a variety of face shapes and has the versatility to be worn up to 365 days a year anywhere in the world "according to the press kit

Is now the right time to introduce a costly mask, with the vaccine rollout continuing and more states removing their mask mandates? According to Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan: "Even with vaccines, we're hearing you still need to be masked because there's still a risk factor that even though you're vaccinated, you still need to be extremely cautious. Second, many countries are unlikely to receive the entire [scale] of vaccines in the next year or even two, so anyone traveling should exercise extreme caution."

Glowing OLED tattoos multi-purpose functionality

These OLED smart tattoos are not, as in the standard version, applied into the dermis layer of the skin using a needle. Instead, they are applied in the same way as temporary tattoos—by tapping them with water until they are extracted using soap.

The team at the University College London (UCL) and the Italian Institute of Technology are behind the tattoos. They use a 76-nanometer-thick light-emitting polymer using a method called spin coating, in which the polymer is added to a substrate that is spun at high speed, which produces an extremely thin and even layer.

The electroluminescent polymer, which emits light when exposed to an electrical field, is placed between a pair of insulating layer-protected electrodes and applied to commercial tattoo paper. The tattoo applied is just 2.3 micrometers thick, about a third of the thickness of a single red blood cell.

Italian researchers create world's 1st 'smart tattoo' using OLED tech — RT  World News

"The tattooable OLEDs that we have seen for the first time can be made on a scale and very inexpensive," said UCL Professor Franco Cacialli in a statement. "They can be combined with other types of tattoo electronics for a wide variety of applications. These may be for fashion – for example, to deliver glowing tattoos and light-emitting fingernails." The tattoos have other applications that look cool. "In sports, it may be paired with a sweat sensor to indicate dehydration. In health care, they might release light when there is a change in the condition of the patient—or, if the tattoo was transformed in the other direction into the skin, they might theoretically be paired with light-sensitive cancer target therapies, for instance."

The team experimented with applying tattoos to glass, plastic, and even fruit. This may enable them to be attached to food packaging, showing that the contents have passed their expiry date.

In their current form, tattoo sensors easily degrade once they are exposed to air, but researchers are working on this problem, along with how to incorporate a tiny power supply.


Apple and Samsung smartwatches could feature non-invasive blood glucose monitoring

Conditions that affect this writer, such as type 1 diabetes, require blood glucose levels to be checked many times every day. Usually, it involves pricking a finger with a lancet and putting a drop of blood in a glucose meter, a process that causes marks, hardens the skin and can be awkward.

Alternatively, glucose monitors are constant (CGMs). A flexible, wire-like needle that is fired into the skin is contained in these small devices. They stay on a carrier for about 10 days, sending blood glucose data every few minutes to a smartphone or smartwatch. When their blood glucose levels go dangerously low or high, while being much more convenient than finger pricking, CGMs are able to warn diabetics. But the need for them to be replaced several times a month means that they are expensive. Also, CGMs are easy to knock off the skin, can be very itchy, and can bleed sometimes.

Korean media claim that both Samsung and Apple's next smartwatches will feature optical glucose monitors, which work to continuously measure levels by shining a light through the skin. Apple reportedly hired a team of biomechanical engineers to work on the feature in 2017, while Samsung last year developed a method of glucose monitoring called Raman spectroscopy that uses lasers to identify chemical compositions.

These features sound amazing on a personal level, but their appeal to diabetics will depend on the accuracy. Even invasive CGMs, which measure the glucose in the fluid surrounding the cells of a body, called interstitial fluid, are not always 100% correct, so it is difficult to imagine an optical sensor being as precise as finger pricking, but hopefully here.

It is expected that the Apple Watch 7 and subsequent Galaxy smartwatches will arrive later this year.


The Dutch coronavirus app goes nationwide

The Dutch Coronavirus tracing app was introduced across the country on the 10th of October 2020 following the last senate vote of using the alert-based system.

The CoronaMelder app which was first introduced in early April will warn users if they have spent 15 minutes or more in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus in so far as the user gives permission for the information to be used.

It is not yet compulsory to use the app, which works by exchanging random codes with other phones via Bluetooth technology. The app has been available for download since mid-August and was already operational in five of the 25 regional health districts.

The app is available in English as well as Dutch and there is information about how it works in a number of other languages online, including German, Polish and Turkish.

Amazon Urges Buds Owners to Update Their Wearable Tech Due to Overheating Issue

In the wireless earbud market, Amazon’s Echo Buds are one of the better products. Despite their quality, unfortunately, like every technology ever created, there is a serious flaw in the buds’ firmware. The flaw is in rare situations the bud overheats.

So far, users have not been substantially impacted by this flaw, but it’s still a problem, and it`s one Amazon is wisely taking seriously. With the latest Buds software update, Amazon has already patched the problem, while improving their battery life at the same time.

The company has already started to send out emails to Buds owners that inform them of the risk and urge them to update. An excerpt from one such email reads as follows:

We are writing to inform you about an important software update for your Echo Buds.

The safety of our customers is our top priority. We recently determined that in very rare cases it is possible for Echo Buds to overheat while in the charging case. Out of an abundance of caution, we have released a software update that addresses this potential safety risk and improves the long-term performance of Echo Buds’ batteries.

What amazes people is the apparent speed with which Amazon responded to this debacle, unlike other large tech companies who do not react to complaints and problems until they are forced to do due to political pressure, or legal issues.

If you’re concerned about running into the overheating problem with your own pair of Buds, don’t fret too much. As long as your pair is charged, stowed in its carrying case, and linked to a phone with a reliable internet connection, they should automatically receive the latest software updates (including this security fix).