Best Gadget of the 2010s

I know it is hard to believe but we are coming to the end of the decade. To celebrate this occasion, Time magazine has compiled its best gadgets of the decade and every week we will be presenting our top 10 gadgets of the decade with the year it was invented.

Apple iPad (2010)

Apple’s iPad— like the iPhone before it— has led to a cultural shift in personal computing and set the tone for the next decade of mobile devices. The revolutionary multitouch display, the utter elimination of physical keys, and the gargantuan range of apps and media created a perfect storm of entertainment with which everyone could get on board. And while rivals have had plenty of time to make tablets or detachable two-in-one devices to target iPad’s biggest pain points, Apple has continuously developed iPadOS and hardware platforms (Apple Pencil, anyone?) to make any sense of hope about the next decade of tablet computing.