Rotterdam tech bags designer can start again after the reopening of the Italian studio

A year ago, the Simone Tertoolen from Rotterdam presented the first model in her sack name MINOIS, which was generally welcomed during the structure week in Milan and New York Fashion Week. She went to work with two new models, however, Corona tossed a spanner in progress, and the Italian production line needed to close. Now that the factory can open again, Simone can still start production of its latest model. Her tech bags include features such as built-in lighting, a charger for your phone and a wireless charger for the bag.

The MINOIS line with the Isobel tote has received a new addition, which should also fit your laptop. After the forced interruption by Corona, the Italian factory is now able to start manufacturing this model. Simone is also working on the development of a third model.

The Best Affordable Smartphones 2020

We get calls and emails from customers asking us for our expert opinions about price-friendly smartphones. This inspired the list of the best smartphones to buy under the price range of $400 with high storage capacity.

Apple iPhone SE ($400)

The iPhone SE 2020 has been officially announced and is an interesting model for many people because of its affordable price. The 2020 iPhone SE is the successor to the iPhone 8 (which has disappeared from the range) and is completely up to date thanks to improvements in the processor and camera.

OnePlus 7T ($400)

The device is very popular: not only is it very fast - but the screen is also very beautiful, and the battery has never let me down.

Samsung Galaxy A51 ($289)

The Samsung A51 White combines good cameras with an excellent screen and battery. The 128GB storage offers enough room for your movie and music collection. You can use the 48-megapixel standard lens during the day and at night to take sharp photos. The wide-angle lens allows you to capture monumental buildings and panoramic panoramas.

Google and Apple release contact tracing app API to public health agencies accross the globe

Google and Apple delivered their contact tracing app API to public health agencies across the globe. The apps would allow Bluetooth pings between smartphones within six and a half feet of each other. And in theory, these apps would notify you if you had been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19. In practice, public health authorities will have to encourage around 60% of people in a given state or country to download the app in order to meaningfully conduct contact tracing/exposure notification. Computerworld executive editor Ken Mingis and PCWorld/Macworld’s Michael Simon join Juliet to discuss Apple and Google’s unprecedented collaboration, privacy concerns, and how state and federal governments will utilize the API.

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Measures taken by EHT to prevent the COVID19

As we all know by now, we are experiencing a pandemic like never before which is very contagious.

With that in mind, we would like to inform you about the measures we have taken to ensure that our clients are safe in regards to the buying and selling of our hardware.

Measures Taken

Wearing of hand gloves

Before the outbreak, our colleagues always wore gloves whenever the hardware was either been cleaned, refurbished, and packaged. Now, we make sure this is even needed than ever before.

Hand sanitizers

After the gloves are taken off, the employees wash their hands and uses the hand sanitizers to sanitize their hands to avoid germs.

Nose and mouth guards

This is a precaution the employees are currently working with us to ensure that our customers/clients get their hardware.



Affordable Home Security System Best Arlo and Blink

After the much-publicized hacking of Amazon`s Ring security cameras in December that allowed strangers to peer into homes and harass occupants, Arlo and Blink camera systems have been notified recently of required changes to their accounts meant to enhance security.

Arlo users are now required to turn on two-factor authentication by the end of the year (2020), while Amazon`s Blink is still taking baby steps in implementing the two-factor authentication. The 2FA has been an option to be activated since last year, however, a message has been sent to owners that it will be compulsory to enable it before the end of 2020. The 2FA can be verified via a push notification to a previously trusted device, through SMS messages, and emails.

Owners of low-cost, battery-powered Blink cameras have received emails informing them about 2FA been on the way and the owners had to verify their email addresses starting on March 30th.

The Corona Virus and how it is affecting the technology industry

As the coronavirus epidemic spreads, the world's largest corporations have started to paint a bleak picture of broken supply chains, disrupted production, empty warehouses, and declining demand for their products. Company reports such as Mastercard, IBM, Apple, and United Airlines offer insight into how the virus impacts consumer behavior and company sentiment. Such corporate newsletters— and what executives are doing in response — could decide how much economic damage the outbreak causes and whether a recession is looming.

Many businesses have expressed optimism that policymakers will reduce new infections and that consumer spending in Europe and North America will be relatively unscathed. But if executives see a danger beyond the first three months of the year, they can put an end to the expected investments and even begin to lay off workers. This, in effect, would further reduce economic activity. The stock market plunge this week, shows the steepest since the financial crisis, shows that investors are primed for much more bad news.

The correction in the S&P 500 stock index — a decline of 10 percent or more from a recent peak — was its fastest ever. In the midst of the sell-off, analysts at Goldman Sachs said they expected that the companies making up the S&P 500 would collectively show no profit growth this year. The bank had previously forecast a 6 percent increase in earnings.

A major vulnerability for businesses in the United States and Europe is their increasing reliance on China as a supplier and customer over the last 10 or 20 years.

A big concern is that the virus will spread quickly in Europe and the United States, forcing consumers to stay home from work, not to mention avoiding stores, restaurants or other businesses.

In that case, an economic contraction could become inevitable. Should a recession develop, the Goldman analysts said, profits of S&P 500 companies are likely to fall this year by 13 percent. Such a decline could force companies to lay off employees and put off new investments.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, business investment was already pallid in the United States. It fell in the last three quarters of 2019. Some analysts now expect more companies could soon announce reductions in their capital spending. “I think you will see that when they report their Q1 numbers,” Mr. O’Rourke of JonesTrading said.


“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s a nice idea but a total myth. While, this phrase may stand true on its own, it’s not entirely operational. This type of mentality can lead to burnout, and the consequences can be both dire and hard to detect.

We have to start recognizing that it is easy to be consumed by passion for work and its completely okay to be consumed by it. Although, one can easily fall victim to burnout. WORK IS WORK. While it can be thrilling, passionate, engaging it is also coupled with exhaustion and been overwhelmed.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently, included burnout in its International Classification of Diseases stating that it “refers specifically to phenomena in the occupational context…a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed…” The WHO described Burnout as: 1) feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; 2) increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job; and 3) reduced professional efficacy.

So what is the solution to this problem? Dr. Ellison stresses that they can control this “always-on” mindset by being aware of when passion becomes a double-edged sword. “If you are so inspired to do what you do, then you’re not necessarily good at setting boundaries. We need to teach people that setting boundaries is OK. It’s not selfish. It’s actually selfless. It allows you to be more effective at what you do, and to better [help] those you wish to serve.”

At the end of the day, everyone wants to go home to our personal lives feeling inspired and fueled by a day of passionate engagement in purposeful work. This is clearly preferable to monotony and boredom, which can also cause burnout. But we have to be careful: When it feels like your passion for work — or that of your employees —has become all-consuming, it might be time to take — or to offer — a break.

New Year, New Phone;

2020 is all about flexibility, and what`s better than a folding phone? Interesting right? Samsung has launched its folding smart phone, Galaxy Z Flip with a flexible display! Which is only available through pre-orders.

The idea is to reduce the size of the phone, but at the same time allow for a wider display. The Galaxy Z is like a make-up compact, big shiny, glass coated but of-course it costs as much as your one month’s rent. Additionally, with this innovative gadget you can also have a tiny display which will show you the time and everything necessary for a quick glance. Also, when you press the physical buttons on the side of the phone, it doubles as the world’s smallest viewscreen. This is so you can see yourself as you capture selfies, obviously.


Other details about the phone is that it is running on last year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+. It has camera on both its sides,10-megapixel camera sensor, two different 12-megapixel cameras on the back (wide-angle and ultra-wide, but no telephoto), and it captures 4K ultra-HD video at up to 60 frames per second. All the details of this phone are excellent found in all the other latest Samsung phone.


The price maybe high but now which smartphone isn’t above $1,000? Anyways, the Z flip is not the most expensive Samsung smart phone. Even the non-folding phones come within $1,400 range, nowadays. The Z flip is your perfect pricey buy with a unique edge to it.


Computer Hacking and How To Protect It

Individuals using a device connected to the Internet are vulnerable to the threats posed by cyber predators and computer hackers. Such computer hacking experts typically use phishing scams, instant messages or spam emails and fake websites to deliver dangerous malware to your computer and compromise your computer security.

If you are not secured by a firewall, these hackers may also try to access your device and private information directly. You will be able to monitor your messages, review the back-end of your personal website, and also install malware. Protecting your device from hackers is, therefore, a growing concern that can be solved by installing effective antivirus software and other virus protection measures.

Hackers can do the following things with your computer:

  • Make purchases
  • Hijack your passwords and usernames
  • Obtain cash advances
  • Ruin your credit
  • Request new account Personal Identification Numbers (PINSs) or additional credits
  • Add themselves or an alias that they control as an authorized user so it is easier to use your credit.

Tips on how to stay protected from computer hacking activities

Install, update and use antivirus

Installing antivirus software is an extremely important step that helps to protect viruses and avoid malware, but it doesn't affect everyone.

Turn on the windows firewall

Windows has a built-in firewall that protects your PC from unwanted internet attention. This software firewall is enabled by default and works alongside any hardware firewall that is installed into your home broadband router. Check its settings by entering "Test Firewall" in the Start menu search box and selecting Check Firewall status from the list. Three green tick marks mean that the firewall is usually operating, if not, choosing each one to turn the firewall on.

Check link locations

Unknown messages are connected to unknown pages. You could end up facing unintended consequences if you visit a cryptic website. Such pages may be unsecured or compromised with malware. Copy and paste the connection location to a new browser to see which site is on the other side. Encrypted pages are the easiest to visit because you know they are safe when you see HTTPS in the URL and the lock icon on your browser.

Use Advanced Password

An effective password includes lowercase, uppercase, punctuation, numbers, and special characters. Do not store a list in a saved file and refrain from making a personal reference to the password. Never use the same password on multiple accounts.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

When hackers get your passwords, they try to study which personal accounts they can control with the stolen data. Two-factor authentication is known to be an effective way to stop attackers who have stolen passwords. A growing number of companies are now setting standards for logging in. For two-factor authentication, users will need to enter a password and also validate an entry with another element like a code that is sent to the phone.

Be Suspicious of Emails

If you receive phone emails, make sure to check your email address to see if it suits the website you think it is from. You can also search the sender's IP address in order to be extra careful. This can be done by identifying the source information from the email and then searching for an IP address that matches the' Received: from' line. Google will have an IP address to discover the source of the email.

Use The Most Recent Version of Your Web Browser

Web browsers are vital tools, but they can contain bugs just like other apps. Hackers are fast to capitalize on these and create false websites with data designed to exploit them. After hacking the web browser in this way, the hacker will be able to monitor anything you type, from credit card numbers to passwords. It is therefore important for you to use the most recent version of your web browser, as this helps prevent hacking attempts by your computer and other related issues.


Apple H1 2020 New Updates

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo laid out his vision for Apple's first six months of 2020 in a recent research note that includes a new iPhone, a revamped iPad Pro / MacBook Pro / Air, a range of high-end headphones, tracking tags and a wireless charging pad.
This week, Apple made a record-setting earnings report ahead of the first half that is supposed to be packed with new products. As you may have heard, the iPhone SE 2 is expected to resemble the iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch display and modern internals. Look for it to be launched by the end of March starting at $399. The new iPad Pro, meanwhile, is said to have a triple-lens rear camera system that supports 3D sensing for augmented reality applications. Like the iPhone, it could happen sometime in March, we're told.

As MacRumors points out, Kuo was not completely clear on the MacBook Pro / Air refresh. We could see one, the other, or maybe both of them. Earlier rumors suggested that Apple is planning a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Magic Keyboard. If you recall, Apple refreshed the Air last summer and gave it a new starting price of $1,099.

Apple's high-end headphones are said to support Bluetooth, but that's all Kuo had to say about them. Tile-like tracking tags, which we first heard about last year, could break the cover under the name of AirTags and could even support Ultra-Wideband technology for improved tracking accuracy.

The biggest surprise of all was the word about a small wireless charging pad.