Important Information: Replace vulnerable D-Link routers as soon as possible, says CISA

To Summarize: Network routers are one of those devices that people tend to keep for far longer than they should. Many consumers believe there is no danger in leaving their outdated devices plugged in as long as they can still access the internet. Customers of D-Link, however, are being reminded by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency (CISA) why this isn't a good idea: The agency has added five more D-Link types to its list of susceptible devices.

Exploits become significantly more harmful when a router reaches its end-of-life (as the devices impacted by this vulnerability have). Manufacturers are responsible for providing fresh patches to solve these issues, however, they rarely do so for EOL equipment (with a few rare exceptions).

The vulnerability in question is a "Remote Code Execution" flaw found in D-DIR-810L, Link's DIR-820L/LW, DIR-826L, DIR-830L, and DIR-836L routers. Attackers can use "diagnostic hooks" to make a Dynamic DNS call without proper authentication, allowing them to take control of affected routers, according to Malwarebytes Labs.

Meet one of the affected routers: the DIR-810L, released in 2013.

If this appears to be a hypothetical threat, it's worth mentioning that, due to Github user doudoudedi, a proof-of-concept hack targeting this vulnerability already exists in the wild. As a result, we — and D-Link itself — urge that you replace any impacted routers as soon as possible. It's always a pity to produce additional e-waste, but it's the least of two evils in this case.

Of course, it would be wonderful if router manufacturers supported their devices for longer: the 810L, for example, reached its end of life in 2019, but it was first marketed in 2013, so it received less than ten years of security fixes.

In any case, if you're looking for a new gadget, have a look at our selection of the best Wi-Fi routers. We cover affordable options starting at €70 and high-end enthusiast-grade options exceeding €300.

Epic's new RealityScan app can make 3D models from smartphone photos

Epic Games has released a new smartphone software that uses a series of smartphone images to create 3D models of objects. The concept is that you'll be able to scan an object in the real world — say, a chair — and then import that scan into your game or project using the software RealityScan.

You can see how it works in the video at the top of this blog, which shows someone scanning a brown chair and creating a 3D model that appears to be created. The software is now in a first-come, first-served beta on Apple's TestFlight program, with 10,000 people allowed to participate.

Armchair by RealityScanApp on Sketchfab

I got into the RealityScan beta, and it's a really simple software to use. You can take a succession of images by holding the capture button down or taking them one at a time, and you'll want to carefully move around the object to get a variety of shots. Take at least 20 photos, according to the app. After you've finished scanning, you may send the model to Sketchfab, a 3D-modeling platform, where you'll be able to see the scan you took after a few minutes.

I think the app has a lot of promise, as it could be a really useful tool to quickly create 3D models using just your smartphone. An early access release on iOS is set for spring, and an Android version of the app is set to be released later this year.

And this isn’t the only developer tool news we’ll get from Epic this week; the company is hosting a “State of Unreal” event on Tuesday, April 5th, at 11AM ET.

The €700 Samsung all-in-one 4K Smart Monitor is now available to pre-order

To Summarize: Samsung's latest entry in its Smart Monitor series, the M8, is now available to preorder globally. The €700 32-inch display comes with a 4K resolution, a magnetic SlimFit camera that can be attached to the top bezel, and four iMac-style colour selections. Unfortunately, the Samsung Gaming Hub, which provides rapid access to gaming devices and streaming services, will not be accessible at launch.

Samsung debuted the M-Series Monitors in 2020 with sizes ranging from 24 to 43 inches. They combine the functionality of both a smart TV and a Monitor, including apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Apple TV.


The Smart Monitor M8 also has an integrated SmartThings hub for controlling smart home devices. The owner of this device can connect wirelessly to a Windows PC or Mac, run Microsoft office 365 applications via a virtual machine without requiring a computer connection, and mirror smartphone content. Samsung DeX, Apple AirPlay 2, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 4.2, 400 nits of brightness, 2.2-channel 5-watt speakers with two tweeters, and HDR 10+ compatibility are among the features. Aspect ratio of 16:9, contrast ratio of 3,000:1, support for 1.07 billion colours, and 99 per cent coverage of the sRGB spectrum are among the other features. However, the 60Hz frame rate and 4ms response time would undoubtedly turn off gamers. A USB-C remote control, docking station, and the SlimFit camera are also included with the monitor.

There's one micro-HDMI port and two USB-C ports—one uplink and one downlink, each capable of charging at 65 watts per hour.

Samsung is integrating its Gaming Hub into Tizen-powered 2022 Smart TV models, giving users access to game streaming services such as GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and Utomik, with more to come in the future. Gaming Hub will not be included in the Smart Monitor M8 at launch, according to the company. The Smart Monitor M8 has a starting price of $700. That's for the white model; those who want Sunset Pink, Daylight Blue, or Spring Green will have to pay €730.


Foldable iPhone may not arrive as late as 2025

According to the rumors from tech experts, The foldable iPhone has supposedly been in development at Apple for years, but that doesn't mean it will be released anytime soon. The target launch is 2023, but supply chain analysts believe 2025 is a more realistic timeframe.

Apple has reportedly been toying with the idea of a foldable iPhone for some time. However, the Cupertino giant isn't known for rushing to bring a new product category to market before everyone else. Still, industry watchers expect the foldable smartphone market to reach 27.6 million units in 2025, representing a healthy growth compared to last year's 7.1 million units.

Apple may have pushed back the release of its first foldable iPhone until 2025, according to Display Supply Chain Consultants (DS). DSCC analyst Ross Young feels the corporation is not in a hurry to build one after speaking with numerous people along the supply chain.

Why you should buy refurbished hardware?

Say you’re in the market to buy a new laptop. The one you’ve got your eye on is the MacBook Pro, but you can’t find a new one for less than $1,300, which is out of your price range. As you hunt online for a better price, you come across several offers for older secondhand MacBook Pros — some for less than $400.

That sounds like a fantastic deal, but you hesitate. You suspect that if someone else is getting rid of this computer, it must be a dud. You worry the laptop won’t work at all or will break down within a week or two, leaving you out $400 with nothing to show for it.

Fortunately, there’s a third option. You can buy a refurbished MacBook Pro from a reputable site and get a laptop in like-new condition for around $600. Refurbished electronics can be the best of both worlds, with lower prices than new equipment and lower risks than used — as long as you know how to shop wisely.

Refurbished goods, also known as reconditioned or remanufactured goods, are products another person has purchased and returned. With that being said, contact our IT and sales experts if you want to buy or sell new, old, and, refurbished goods.

The Best IPAD Deals (2022)

Announced during the September iPhone 13 event, the 2021 iPad is Apple’s latest entry-level tablet and replaces the outgoing eighth-gen model from 2020. Typically, this would leave the older model ripe for the picking as retailers may drum up some fire sale pricing to get rid of old stock, but at this time, there are no good deals to be found on the eighth-gen model, if you can even find it. As a result, you can feel comfortable steering clear of the 2020 version and get the latest and greatest of 2021.

The new iPad, like its predecessor, starts at $329, however, the base model now offers 64GB of storage rather than 32GB. For $479, you can still get the variant with 256GB of storage. If you want your iPad to have cellular service, the 64GB LTE-equipped model costs $459, while the 256GB model costs $609.

A speedier A13 Bionic CPU and a 12MP ultrawide camera with Center Stage, a function designed to keep you framed up and centred while on video conversations, are among the upgrades for the 2021 model. The new entry-level model has the same 10.2-inch display as its predecessor, as well as a Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded into the home button and a Smart Connector for connecting a Smart Keyboard.

While it has dropped to as low as $299 in the past, there are currently no discounts on the base model. Those who live near a Micro Center store, however, can purchase the gray 64GB LTE variant for $399.99 instead of $459. If you need more capacity, Walmart and Amazon are presently offering a $30 discount on the 256GB iPad with Wi-Fi, which is the best deal we've found on the latest model. Meanwhile, B&H Photo is selling the 256GB, LTE-enabled configuration for $579 instead of $609, saving you $30.


New Tech Update: Amazon Alexa can now respond to running water, bleeping appliances, & can now order presription pills

Amazon has improved sound detection for routines and made Amazon Pharmacy customers eligible for Alexa's prescription refill skill. The modifications were detailed in Amazon's Alexa monthly report for November, which also mentioned the US launch of Conversation Mode and the arrival next week of the wall-mountable Echo Show 15.

Amazon first announced its ambitions to allow custom sounds at its autumn event in September, but it doesn't appear that users can write custom sounds just yet - instead, Amazon has introduced two new noises that Alexa can detect. With the new version, the device can now detect sounds such as running water and beeping appliances.

For example, if you want Alexa to detect the chime of your dryer, you may set up a program for Alexa to notify you when your dryer turns off. Dogs barking, kids crying, sleeping, glass cracking, and smoke alarms ringing were the only sounds the device could distinguish previously.

Additionally, if you’re an Amazon Pharmacy customer, you can now say, “Alexa, refill my medications,” when you need a refill on your prescriptions. Alexa will provide you with updates on when your medications are delivered, and you can also ask Alexa to call Amazon Pharmacy if you need any assistance. In the past, the ability to request refills through Alexa was only available to Giant Eagle Pharmacy customers.

Amazon has also fully rolled out Conversation Mode for the third-gen Echo Show 10 in the US, something that it started adding to devices in November. You can opt in to the feature by saying, “Alexa, join the conversation.” After that, you can speak more “naturally” with Alexa without using a wake word.

Anyone in the room can talk to Alexa if they face the device's camera, according to Amazon. If Alexa is directly addressed during Conversation Mode, she will respond, and if she is interrupted, she will pause. The blue border that appears around the screen of the Echo Show indicates that Conversation Mode is active. Simply say, "Leave this chat" when you wish to turn it off.


BlackBerry now on smart cars

Were you a big fan of Blackberry? Well, you're in luck.

The smartphone pioneer is shifting its attention to smart cars and their QNX technology. They recently partnered with Amazon to create a new cloud-based platform called BlackBerry Ivy. The BB Ivy collects real-time data and makes recommendations about available parking spaces, road conditions, and where the nearest gas or electric gas station is.

The purpose of BlackBerry IVY is to help automakers and automotive suppliers create personalized driver and passenger experiences and improve the operations of cloud-connected vehicles. BlackBerry IVY will support the more rapid development of new customer experiences and unlock new revenue streams and business models. It accomplishes this while reducing costs by moving processing to the edge and reducing raw data transmission. It also improves overall operations with enhanced data visibility and access.

BlackBerry's QNX software is already installed in 195 million cars.

Best switch for large networks: TRENDNET TEG-224DG

What Ethernet switch is the best?

We think the best Ethernet switch for your network depends on how many ports and features you need, but if you’re just looking for a few more Ethernet ports for wired connections, the Linksys SE3008 Gigabit Switch is a great option. It has eight ports, an easy plug-and-play setup, and simple Quality of Service (QoS) features that prioritize audio and video streaming.


  1. ETHERNET PORT CONFIGURATION: 24 Gigabit RJ 45 ports provide high-speed network connections to devices and a 48Gbps switching capacity allows data traffic to flow smoothly, reducing traffic bottlenecks.
  2. ENERGY SAVINGS: The 24 Port Gigabit GREENnet Desktop Switch, model TEG S24Dg, provides high bandwidth performance, ease of use, and reliability, all while reducing power consumption by up to 70 per cent. GREENnet technology automatically adjusts power consumption as needed, resulting in substantial energy savings. Embedded GREENnet technology works right out of the box with no management requirement.
  3. Desktop Design:  Sturdy metal Ethernet desktop switch with a built-in power supply is well suited for desktop or rack-mount installations. Its fanless design is perfect for quiet environments that require a silent operation.
  4. PLUG AND PLAY: Simply power up the switch and plug-in connected devices. No software to install or configuration is needed.
  5. TRENDnet LIFETIME PROTECTION: Lifetime TRENDnet Manufacturer Warranty.
  6. LOW NOISE OPERATION: Fanless design lowers energy consumption and eliminates operating noise.
  7. MOUNTING OPTIONS: Optional Rack Mount (sold separately) Rack-mountable with ETH 11MK rack mount brackets.



Recognising Excellence in the European IT Channel

Now in their twelfth year, the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2020/21 will showcase the cream of European software, solutions, Information, and Communication Technologies.

The awards are designed to recognize and reward excellence in the UK and European channels and include categories that are open to Solution Providers, ISVs, VARs, Systems Integrators, MSPs, Service Providers, Vendors, and Distributors.

The finalists and winners will be recognized at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards Dinner which will be held in London on 19th October 2021.

New categories for 2020/21 will recognize innovation, marketing campaigns, and specialist software delivered in a variety of ways, including SaaS, cloud, and hybrid.

Organizations wishing to enter the European IT & Software Excellence Awards or interested in sponsorship opportunities can find further information and details of the categories at:

The entry deadline has now been extended to Wednesday 31 August 2021.