Cost Effectiveness

Buy back your used equipment

Your old hardware isn’t like wine and doesn’t grow in value just by storing it. So, rather than letting your obsolete IT equipment gather dust in the back of your warehouse, trade it now for cash!

Sell New or Refurbished IT Equipment

Whether you’re looking for an operational network at a budget price or state-of-the-art technology, you’ll find the right match among our 30 000+ products.

Easy Optics: OEM SFP

All A-brands charge a nice premium on small products like SFPs. Though, why would you pay more than what you should? EHT has business relations with the same SFP manufacturers as they do. As such, we’re able to provide you with the exact same quality of SFPs as they do, at a significantly lower price.

1 Year Warranty

EHT offers a 1-year standard warranty on all new, certified and refurbished equipment! Because we believe in our products, we are ready to extend the guarantee up to 3 years. This guarantees you the replacement of defective furniture.