Windows 10 Tips and Tricks: Life – Changing Productivity Hacks

For most computers (about one billion, to be precise) that OS has Windows 10, your PC is nothing without your operating system. Windows has been around long enough to be able to find the way around the last edition even for a technical incompetent. However, you don’t just want to be able to use Windows 10 if you are a technology enthusiast; you want to master it. Only then can you appreciate your system’s success and use what you and your program, the omnipresent OS, can do as a consumer.

In order to optimize the OS relationship with your pc and ensure it works as you want with your computer, we have described some of the handiest Windows 10 tips and tricks. This means tips for optimizing productivity apps for Windows 10, memorable Windows 10 hacks, guides for troubleshooting Windows 10 to keep your backpack and answering your queries.

Windows 10 Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re the kind of person people call when they can’t get their system to work properly, you’ll want to get a firm grasp of all the following Windows 10 troubleshooting tutorials.

  1. How to Fix a Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
  2. How to Use a Minidump File to Fix Your Windows BSOD
  3. How to Factory Reset a Windows 10 PC
  4. How to Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode
  5. How to Find a MAC Address in Windows 10
  6. How to Monitor Your CPU Temperature 
  7. How to Test RAM: Making Sure Bad Memory Isn’t Crashing Your PC
  8. How to Pause Windows 10 Updates
  9. How to Fix the ‘Page Fault In Nonpaged Area’ Error in Windows 10