BlackBerry now on smart cars

Were you a big fan of Blackberry? Well, you’re in luck. The smartphone pioneer is shifting its attention to smart cars and their QNX technology. They recently partnered with Amazon to create a new cloud-based platform called BlackBerry Ivy. The BB Ivy collects real-time data and makes recommendations about available parking spaces, road conditions, and […]

The Best IPAD Deals (2022)

Announced during the September iPhone 13 event, the 2021 iPad is Apple’s latest entry-level tablet and replaces the outgoing eighth-gen model from 2020. Typically, this would leave the older model ripe for the picking as retailers may drum up some fire sale pricing to get rid of old stock, but at this time, there are no good deals to […]

Why you should buy refurbished hardware?

Say you’re in the market to buy a new laptop. The one you’ve got your eye on is the MacBook Pro, but you can’t find a new one for less than $1,300, which is out of your price range. As you hunt online for a better price, you come across several offers for older secondhand MacBook […]

Foldable iPhone may not arrive as late as 2025

According to the rumors from tech experts, The foldable iPhone has supposedly been in development at Apple for years, but that doesn’t mean it will be released anytime soon. The target launch is 2023, but supply chain analysts believe 2025 is a more realistic timeframe. Apple has reportedly been toying with the idea of a foldable iPhone for some […]

The €700 Samsung all-in-one 4K Smart Monitor is now available to pre-order

To Summarize: Samsung’s latest entry in its Smart Monitor series, the M8, is now available to preorder globally. The €700 32-inch display comes with a 4K resolution, a magnetic SlimFit camera that can be attached to the top bezel, and four iMac-style colour selections. Unfortunately, the Samsung Gaming Hub, which provides rapid access to gaming […]

Epic’s new RealityScan app can make 3D models from smartphone photos

Epic Games has released a new smartphone software that uses a series of smartphone images to create 3D models of objects. The concept is that you’ll be able to scan an object in the real world — say, a chair — and then import that scan into your game or project using the software RealityScan. […]

Important Information: Replace vulnerable D-Link routers as soon as possible, says CISA

To Summarize: Network routers are one of those devices that people tend to keep for far longer than they should. Many consumers believe there is no danger in leaving their outdated devices plugged in as long as they can still access the internet. Customers of D-Link, however, are being reminded by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency […]