Interaction of software and hardware

We live in an era of technologies. On a daily basis, dozens of people use computers for different purposes. Therefore, it would be useful to know how the computer functions! The computer is made of two important elements: hardware and software. Both elements are related to each other. Nowadays, it would be hard to imagine our life without using a computer. We work and study, listen to music and watch films, read books and search for information from computers, so it is irreplaceable in a modern society.

First, we should start with some definitions to make it clear from the very beginning. Hardware is the physical parts of the computer and software is more known as programs that help hardware to perform tasks. They are interconnected as one cannot function without another one. In order for the computer to understand data, the IT specialist should “translate” the software into the programming language because the computer reads only “algorithms”, which are clear and logical instructions for performing tasks. Besides, there are two kinds of software: application and system software. The application software helps the user to do specific tasks (e.g. games, word pressing). The system software is not visible for the user because it is the processes of the computer, which make it usable ( e.g. task manager). Therefore, both hardware and software should work smoothly to provide the best user experience.

The software can be improved, if there is a need for it. There exist software upgrades, which are also apps that can be implemented in hardware for more effective performance. They can be downloaded in free access. However, some of the upgrades are costly and the replacement for them would be web applications. Such applications can run from any browser, so it does not need any upgrades. Users can access those applications from the browser.