Are you been forced to upgrade your windows? Read this article for a middle path.

Many individuals operating Win10 version 1803 — Win10's most popular version — are receiving dire notices to update to ' the next Windows version, ' which implies 1903 for Microsoft. Hogwash. Hogwash. Hogwash. You've got choices. Here is what you can do. You can do here.

Microsoft’s in a full-court press to get folks running Win10 version 1803 to upgrade to version 1903. Ostensibly it’s because version 1803 patches will stop after Nov. 12, and the laggards still stuck on the “old” version — first declared suitable for business a scant year ago — need the enlightened, new 1903. Waiting for three or four months just won’t do. The truth is somewhat nuanced. Click the Search box next to the Start button to type About and pick About your PC, if your version of Windows 10 isn't sure.

Vox dei

If, like most Windows 10 users, you’re on version 1803, you may have recently started seeing announcements in Windows Update like this one:

1803 download and install now

Woody Leonhard/IDG

While you’re certainly welcome to click Download and install now, you might want to think for a minute before you make the leap. There’s a reason why Microsoft itself isn’t recommending version 1903 for business deployment just yet. Don’t get bullied into making a decision that’s good for Microsoft but may prove problematic for you.

Update Interrupt

It can be confusing to push to 1903. A nascent 1903 version might already be waiting for some who have clicked on the incorrect buttons. You will see a message from Windows Update that looks the same, if your computer is fitted with an Alien chestburster: Do not worry if you get into the script — which was downloaded from Win10 1903, yet not installed. Just go to the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution directory and remove all documents. You'll be back to the devil ye ken and restart Windows.

You have a choice - three of them, actually

You have three simple decisions right now, if you run Win10 version 1803 (assuming, of course, you want to remain in Windows):

Stick with 1803

On Tuesday, Nov 12 (with the exception of a site license and a bundle spending), Microsoft promised to submit its last cumulative update to Win101803. Usually, with the exception of the significant update bug, a fresh patch is not expected until Patch Tuesday, December 10. In a standard course of activities. So you have to go for three or five months before the safety patches dry up depending on how you look at it.

Why do you adhere to 1803? This is stable. It is stable. Win10 standards at least. Many individuals feel that the benefit is worth the pain when weighing up the functionality changes in Win10 1809 and 1903 at 1803. You can wait each month and stabilize the next and next versions of Windows. In any case, for a first approach.

To date, Microsoft has shown respect for pushing individuals between 1803 and 1903, but you should expect the pressure to get hotter. Some individuals have reported totally unpredictable upgrades— particularly on computers with metered Internet connections — but the soft impetus that you have to cope with for most individuals right now. Heaven only knows whom Microsoft will throw under the bus as we get closer to November.



Macs in the enterprise: 6 stats every IT purchaser needs

These statistics demonstrate Macs are for you if you operate a company and are looking to increase productivity, decrease cost and enhance employee retention.

CIOs spend a lot of time wanting unicorns all over the planet. "Where there was only one solution for technology that could decrease expenses and increase productivity," they cry out in their capitalist air for the large executive bonus gods.

Get a Mac

Times have altered since the extremely popular Get Mac advertisements from Apple encouraged so many Windows to change with iPod users.

I found a solution provider that can generate the following answers from users:

  • 79 percent of users can not do anything else as efficiently.
  • Applications are simpler to use, 89 percent say.
  • In comparison with others, 74% encountered fewer problems in the scheme.
  • There were no problems at all 40 percent.
  • It is more probable that 94 percent of staff join or remain in a business that offers them an option.

Using this platform makes 85 percent of staff more productive.

Everything seems better with a Mac

This is the Appleholic blog, so you can't be amazed to hear these glossy statistics. Nor should you recognize these allegations uncritically, although they appear to have some importance from a global Jamf study conducted with 1,500 Mac users in companies. The information also examined various sectors.

That implies we understand that IT and HR agencies agree more often than applications on other pcs to use Mac apps. It also implies that we understand that 87% of professional engineers feel the same. And over 90% of the study group said that when Macs handles the technology you become more efficient, creative and independent. They also contribute to better cooperation.


EHT Green Marketing Mix

  • Product: Easy Hardware Trading sells and buys hardware from environmentally friendly companies (Cisco, Juniper, Dell, IBM) and the main activity is represented by the refurbishment of the obsolete hardware and its sale. The refurbishment of hardware is one of the most widespread green activity in the IT world.


  • Price: Easy Hardware Trading always tries to set fair prices for its products. Although prices of green products are higher because more time and sources are required to construct the product in an environmentally friendly way. We discuss with the client to find an agreement that respects both of the people who build the hardware in an environmentally friendly way and the will of the client.


  • Place: Easy Hardware Trading has one office where hardware is stored. All the trades are made online by email and/or by phone in a way that CO2 emission and the waste of energy will be reduced to the minimum


  • Promotion: Easy Hardware Trading promotes itself mainly through social media and other online channels. No paper is wasted since all the procedures are conducted online. 

Old tech reveals personal data of past owner

Did you wipe all your data properly before getting rid of your computer hardware?

In order to discover how well businesses wipe data on end of life devices, Researcher Josh Frantz from Rapid7 purchased 85 used IT hardware including computers, flash drives, phones, and hard drives from businesses. In total, he paid $600.

Astonishingly, only two devices were wiped properly, and three devices were encrypted. He was able to retrieve 214,019 images, 3,406 documents, and 148,903 email messages from all the devices he purchased.

In an attempt to sift through all these data for potentially private information, he used Python script and PowerShell to identify social security numbers, dates of birth, credit card numbers, and phone numbers. He ended up collecting 611 email addresses, 50 dates of birth, 41 Social Security numbers, 19 credit-card numbers, 6 driver’s license numbers, and 2 passport numbers.

So, how much do these data worth?

To research further about the black market value of the data, Frantz was surprised to learn how cheap it is to buy people's information on the Darknet. Social security number cost around $1 apiece, while full documents cost around $3. It is obvious to say that data leakage is so common that it has driven down the cost of the data itself.

How to safely dispose of your IT hardware?

From this experiment, we learned the importance of wipe your data properly before dispose of your hardware.  At Easy Hardware Trading, we offer IT hardware a second life so it has always been our priority to have professionals wipe out all the data in the devices when we receive used hardware.

New software update: Google location tracking app

With the recent safety issues around the world, Google has new software for Android to track location only when in use.

It is becoming a habit to turn on location tracking features while using apps in order to have a better mobile experience. However, these experiences can be a double-edged sword.

Often times, mobile apps have bugs and leak location data that can cause concerns about privacy or physical safety. In Android, users only have two options: to turn on location-tracking features all the time or to turn off completely. Soon, Android users will have an option to only track location while using apps.


Why it is important for Google to build control into Android?

The issue (CVE-2018-9581) of sensitive data exposure via received signal strength indicator (RSSI) broadcasts in Android operating system allowed information leakage stemming from inter-process communication. While applications on Android are usually segregated by the operating system (OS) from each other and from the OS itself, there are still mechanisms for sharing information between them when needed. One of those mechanisms is the use of what Android calls “intents.”

An application or the OS itself can send an “intent” message out, which is broadcast system-wide and can be listened to by other applications. Without proper access restrictions and permissions put in place around these intents, it’s possible for malicious applications to intercept information that they shouldn’t have access to.





Awair 2nd Edition

AWAIR launched the latest solution for better air quality and the environment- Awair 2nd edition.


Indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than outside, due to factors like paint, furniture, carpet, air fresheners, toys...etc. These are the factors that cause allergies, asthma, concentration, sleep quality, skin health, and many more health problems.

Nowadays, people spend a lot of times in the offices which consist of many such factors. These factors could affect health and thus hinder productivity. It is of great importance for companies to provide a better working environment to ensure the health of employees.


Awair 2nd edition helps companies to track the air quality factors that affect health, including:

Chemicals: Known as volatile organic compounds, can be found in everyday materials. They can cause skin and respiratory irritation.

CO2: Indoor exposure can hinder productivity and decision making.

Temperature: Influence comfort and mood.

Humidity: Unproportional humidity is a risk for toxic mold.

Fine Dust: Known as PM2.5. Exposure to fine dust can trigger asthma, allergies and heart failure. Fine Dust is incredibly common from everyday activities such as cooking and heaters.

Along with tracking air quality, Awair 2nd edition also includes more personalized tips and recommendations to help improve health goals. All these are done through Awair App.


Don't hesitate and contact us for this life-saving product!


Solution for cyber attack

"It has already happened, it is happening now and if we do not change it it will happen in the future"

Dutch cybersecurity scientist Volkan Kaya stated that the x.509 standard PKI which determines the format of digital certificates is weak. With years of experiences working in the banking industry and graduated from Cyber Security Academy, he can easily shut down the entire Internet. In The Netherlands, the vulnerability of the Internet had also shown by the DigiNotar attack.


Certification protocols should be exist based on the 'truth' instead of 'trust'. 

X.509 issue digital certificates through e-mail. The e-mail message protocol (smtp) is not a secure protocol and can be intercepted by attackers.

The x.509 issues multiple certificates by using different key pairs at the same time for a specific domain name. Kaya: "The flexibility of having multiple valid certificates for the same host computer at the same time makes it possible to issue false valid certificates without knowledge of the host computer itself."


Kaya came up with new PKI certificate so-called ConsensusPKI. 

The certificates authorities in ConsensusPKI are collectively responsible for the identity of the normal computers and also the identity of all certificate authorities. Only the most recently issued certificate is a valid certificate. The certificate issuance process requires authentication of the CVRs by multiple CAs. All verifications performed during the certificate issuance must be broadcast to other CAs so that the verified CVRs can be saved to the related certificate blockchain. They can in turn issue a verified certificate.

For the interpretation of the certificates, CAs have to interrogate their database by client systems. The CAs must retain all blocking data that represent all certificates in the ecosystem that are stored in the CA infrastructure. The CAs must protect the blocking data that they store so that they can respond fairly to the incoming questions.

Finally, the certificates in the ConsensusPKI do not carry signatures of the issuing CAs. ConsensusPKI requires CAs to be honest during the use and issuance of certificates. The PKQuery and fetch processes of the ConsensusPKI ensure that the core of ConsensusPKI is maintained.


IBM marries on-premises, private- and public-cloud data

IBM has taken the wraps off of another multi-cloud reconciliation stage it expectations will enable clients to oversee, secure and coordinate information regardless of where it dwells – in on-premise, private-cloud or open cloud applications.

Venture clients are looked with the overwhelming assignment of crossing over heritage applications with most recent cloud administration, and many can't simply lift and move, said Juan Carlos Soto, IBM VP of Mixture Cloud Combination. Over that numerous organizations are as of now attempting to oversee at least five cloud situations, frequently from various merchants, and they can't keep up, he said.

IBM's Establishment for Business Esteem gauges that by 2021, 98 percent of associations intend to receive half breed models, yet only 38 percent will have the methods and apparatuses they have to work that condition.

To address a portion of that multifaceted nature IBM Cloud Reconciliation Stage (ICP) is an amalgamation of new and improved IBM cloud parts. Huge Blue says it will let clients safely interface applications, programming and administrations from any seller paying little mind to where those frameworks are, decreasing reconciliation time and expenses while quickening new application advancement.

Explicitly the ICP keeps running on Enormous Blue's IBM Cloud Private condition which can oversee Kubernetes and different holders. The ICP incorporates various existing IBM contributions that incorporate the accompanying.

Google and Maurithuis collaborate on the project

Google and Maurithuis stepped into the project in order to incorporate famous works of the painter Johannes Vermeer into a virtual environment. With the project "Meet Vermeer",  visitors will experience what a virtual museum is. They can physically walk in the virtual museum through the augmented reality and view 36 paintings by zooming them in. In past, Google already worked with Maurithuis on the French project " Arts & Culture". This is the second time that Google and Maurithuis will collaborate on the same project from Paris.

However, five developers from Google will create the virtual exhibition with paintings of Vermeer for "Arts & Culture" project, so that people all around the world can view masterpieces of the painter. The most interesting element for the creation of the virtual museum is visitor's contribution. People can build the museum themselves. For that purpose, they can use a tour creator by Google, Poly Tours. The tour creator allows using formats ar and vr. To view paintings, visitors should have ARCore (Android) or ARKit (iOS) platforms downloaded on their phones. They can also use normal vr mode on phones.

Furthermore, Google developed the Art Camera two years ago. This robot camera is used for providing people with a virtual view of the paintings of Vermeer. More than that, the camera scan and take a photo of a painting on a distance in 1 meter and uses laser and sonar for a good focus. Therefore, it is possible to zoom in the paintings to view them better. However, paintings can be zoomed only outside of the ar platform.

The "Meet Vermeer" project is a brilliant idea to view and enjoy masterpieces of the great painter Johannes Vermeer!

The urge for the health industry to move to E-health

The application of technologies can provide better health care. The government of the Netherlands decided to invest ninety million euros in the improvement of e-health in 2019. It can give better care after old people who need it. Also, people with disabilities and chronical illnesses can benefit from e-health applications such as web apps or Internet messengers, which can be used both by clinicians and patients in order to communicate with each other. Also, it will be possible for patients to see their health records online in medical databases. It will make the living conditions easier for patients.

E-health applications are still not widely used, they will be available for elderly people on a regular basis. In this case, the hardware should be used to provide patients with e-health applications. For instance,  the information with medical records can be stored in computers for a long time, which is an advantage for clinicians.  The patients can also see their medical records. Both medical professionals and patients can have a reciprocal communication with each other when it is necessary with the help of created web apps or Internet messengers.