Businesses are facing a huge expansion in these years and, as they grow, they need sophisticated and robust networks to support the increased number of users and applications. In this process, networks represent a challenge since most of the small businesses often encounter issues with dropped connections, slack responses, and slow pages loads. To prevent […]

The Best Affordable Smartphones 2020

We get calls and emails from customers asking us for our expert opinions about price-friendly smartphones. This inspired the list of the best smartphones to buy under the price range of $400 with high storage capacity. Apple iPhone SE ($400) The iPhone SE 2020 has been officially announced and is an interesting model for many […]


“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s a nice idea but a total myth. While, this phrase may stand true on its own, it’s not entirely operational. This type of mentality can lead to burnout, and the consequences can be both dire and hard to detect. We […]

New Year, New Phone;

2020 is all about flexibility, and what`s better than a folding phone? Interesting right? Samsung has launched its folding smart phone, Galaxy Z Flip with a flexible display! Which is only available through pre-orders. The idea is to reduce the size of the phone, but at the same time allow for a wider display. The […]

Top Five PC Hardware That Launches in 2020

During the past year (2019), we had a lot of spectacular hardware that was released such as, the GTX 1660 TI, GTX 1650, GTX 1660, MD’s awesome Zen 2-based processors with up to 16 cores in the 3rd Gen Ryzen range such as the Ryzen 9 3950X and 32-cores in the 3rd Gen Threadripper range. These took the fight to Intel’s […]

Apple could add sleep tracking to the next Apple Watch

For its range of wearables from Apple Watch, Apple is reportedly working on sleep monitoring. 9to5Mac claims that the function could be presented as soon as next week and is called “Time in Bed Tracking.” Codenamed internally Burrito, Apple Watch is said to monitor the quality of sleep, motion, heart rate and noise. Like most […]

Fairphone updates its ethical smartphone for 2019

Fairphone 3 announced its recent try to achieve a sustainable smartphone three years after its last handset was released. Fairphone 3 tries to achieve this commitment with ease of repair and construction, where possible, out of responsible, conflict-free and recycled materials. Fairphone has made a bet on a globe of retrofittable phones that would decrease […]

Are you been forced to upgrade your windows? Read this article for a middle path.

Many individuals operating Win10 version 1803 — Win10’s most popular version — are receiving dire notices to update to ‘ the next Windows version, ‘ which implies 1903 for Microsoft. Hogwash. Hogwash. Hogwash. You’ve got choices. Here is what you can do. You can do here. Microsoft’s in a full-court press to get folks running […]

Macs in the enterprise: 6 stats every IT purchaser needs

These statistics demonstrate Macs are for you if you operate a company and are looking to increase productivity, decrease cost and enhance employee retention. CIOs spend a lot of time wanting unicorns all over the planet. “Where there was only one solution for technology that could decrease expenses and increase productivity,” they cry out in […]

EHT Green Marketing Mix

Product: Easy Hardware Trading sells and buys hardware from environmentally friendly companies (Cisco, Juniper, Dell, IBM) and the main activity is represented by the refurbishment of the obsolete hardware and its sale. The refurbishment of hardware is one of the most widespread green activity in the IT world.   Price: Easy Hardware Trading always tries to […]