Rotterdam tech bags designer can start again after the reopening of the Italian studio

A year ago, the Simone Tertoolen from Rotterdam presented the first model in her sack name MINOIS, which was generally welcomed during the structure week in Milan and New York Fashion Week. She went to work with two new models, however, Corona tossed a spanner in progress, and the Italian production line needed to close. Now that the factory can open again, Simone can still start production of its latest model. Her tech bags include features such as built-in lighting, a charger for your phone and a wireless charger for the bag.

The MINOIS line with the Isobel tote has received a new addition, which should also fit your laptop. After the forced interruption by Corona, the Italian factory is now able to start manufacturing this model. Simone is also working on the development of a third model.

Measures taken by EHT to prevent the COVID19

As we all know by now, we are experiencing a pandemic like never before which is very contagious.

With that in mind, we would like to inform you about the measures we have taken to ensure that our clients are safe in regards to the buying and selling of our hardware.

Measures Taken

Wearing of hand gloves

Before the outbreak, our colleagues always wore gloves whenever the hardware was either been cleaned, refurbished, and packaged. Now, we make sure this is even needed than ever before.

Hand sanitizers

After the gloves are taken off, the employees wash their hands and uses the hand sanitizers to sanitize their hands to avoid germs.

Nose and mouth guards

This is a precaution the employees are currently working with us to ensure that our customers/clients get their hardware.



Affordable Home Security System Best Arlo and Blink

After the much-publicized hacking of Amazon`s Ring security cameras in December that allowed strangers to peer into homes and harass occupants, Arlo and Blink camera systems have been notified recently of required changes to their accounts meant to enhance security.

Arlo users are now required to turn on two-factor authentication by the end of the year (2020), while Amazon`s Blink is still taking baby steps in implementing the two-factor authentication. The 2FA has been an option to be activated since last year, however, a message has been sent to owners that it will be compulsory to enable it before the end of 2020. The 2FA can be verified via a push notification to a previously trusted device, through SMS messages, and emails.

Owners of low-cost, battery-powered Blink cameras have received emails informing them about 2FA been on the way and the owners had to verify their email addresses starting on March 30th.

Apple H1 2020 New Updates

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo laid out his vision for Apple's first six months of 2020 in a recent research note that includes a new iPhone, a revamped iPad Pro / MacBook Pro / Air, a range of high-end headphones, tracking tags and a wireless charging pad.
This week, Apple made a record-setting earnings report ahead of the first half that is supposed to be packed with new products. As you may have heard, the iPhone SE 2 is expected to resemble the iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch display and modern internals. Look for it to be launched by the end of March starting at $399. The new iPad Pro, meanwhile, is said to have a triple-lens rear camera system that supports 3D sensing for augmented reality applications. Like the iPhone, it could happen sometime in March, we're told.

As MacRumors points out, Kuo was not completely clear on the MacBook Pro / Air refresh. We could see one, the other, or maybe both of them. Earlier rumors suggested that Apple is planning a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Magic Keyboard. If you recall, Apple refreshed the Air last summer and gave it a new starting price of $1,099.

Apple's high-end headphones are said to support Bluetooth, but that's all Kuo had to say about them. Tile-like tracking tags, which we first heard about last year, could break the cover under the name of AirTags and could even support Ultra-Wideband technology for improved tracking accuracy.

The biggest surprise of all was the word about a small wireless charging pad.

Best Gadget of the 2010s

Best Gadget of the 2010s

I know it is hard to believe but we are coming to the end of the decade. To celebrate this occasion, Time magazine has compiled its best gadgets of the decade and every week we will be presenting our top 10 gadgets of the decade with the year it was invented.

Apple iPad (2010)

Apple's iPad— like the iPhone before it— has led to a cultural shift in personal computing and set the tone for the next decade of mobile devices. The revolutionary multitouch display, the utter elimination of physical keys, and the gargantuan range of apps and media created a perfect storm of entertainment with which everyone could get on board. And while rivals have had plenty of time to make tablets or detachable two-in-one devices to target iPad's biggest pain points, Apple has continuously developed iPadOS and hardware platforms (Apple Pencil, anyone?) to make any sense of hope about the next decade of tablet computing.



Apple releasing trio of 5G iPhones in 2020

The target of the iPhone maker is to ship at least 80 million of the new 5G iPhone models in a bid to overtake embattled Chinese tech giant Huawei, CNET reports.

CALIFORNIA: Apple is rumored to be preparing its first 5 G iPhone for next year, and according to the latest Nikkei report, a modem for the upcoming model will be designed by Qualcomm. Apple is likely to launch three iPhone 5G-enabled models in 2020. The aim of the iPhone manufacturer is to ship at least 80 million new 5 G iPhone models in a bid to overwhelm Chinese tech giant Huawei, CNET reports.

The purported 5 G iPhone models are said to use the Qualcomm X55 modem chips. It was speculated earlier that Apple would have its own modem chips for its iPhone lineup in 2021.

Backup and restore strategy in four steps

When most businesses still had their own data centers, their information should normally be backed up by themselves. Many businesses now believe that this will be arranged for them by their SaaS supplier. Unfortunately, with all the related hazards, this is not always the case. Read here how in four steps you can develop your own cloud backup strategy.

More and more businesses are turning to cloud-based office software like Office 365. This implies that if the service fails, the supplier, in this case, Microsoft, will be liable for both accessibility and disaster recovery. The data on the platform, however, is the property of the companies themselves, so it is their responsibility to protect it. However, information may still be lost or unavailable, e.g. because of:

  • Unintentional removal
  • Cyber attacks and ransomware
  • File corruption
  • Intentional removal

This means: the need for excellent safety of data is higher than ever before. Cloud users need to take action and create an efficient backup policy all the more. For this purpose, the following measures are essential, as an instance, we take Office 365 for the sake of comfort.

Determine the policy and requirement

Every company's backup demands are distinct. For instance, certain legislation and other laws need to be complied with in some industries. Therefore, to begin with, an organization must establish its own service level contract (lettuce) and define the data backup criteria. I suggest that you take the following into account:

  1. Recovery point objective: How often does an organization's information need to be backed up so that the quantity of information lost in case of a power failure is no higher than acceptable for company activities?
  2. Recovery time objective: How long can information be retrieved after a catastrophe or malfunction, and what is acceptable?
  3. Recovery granularity objective: How long can information be retrieved after a catastrophe or malfunction, and what is acceptable?
  4. Content: What types of content and which platforms do you want to back up?
  5. Retention Period: How soon do you want your information to be backed up? And does this vary by place of the storage, such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint versus Exchange?

Determine how this applies to Office 365

Then see how Office 365 can apply your backup policy. For this purpose, Office 365 provides the following alternatives according to the above criteria:

  • Thirty days, at the End, User Recycle Bin, thirty days in the Second-Stage Recycle Bin, and three more days using PowerShell.
  • Removal after the employee/user has left the company.
  • It is important to note that Project Online is part and fully backed up of the content database. There is no separate option to recover a single object for that reason.

Third-Party Solutions

If the built-in backup feature in Office 365 does not fulfill the policies of your organization, Gartner and Forrester recommend that third-party alternatives be considered and implemented. Keep in mind that while Office 365 backups are advertised by many providers, they often only give export alternatives from Exchange Online to a.pst file. Office 365 is more than just an Exchange, besides causing data protection problems. The following places can also store numerous significant information:

  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Office 365 Groups
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Project Online
  • Dynamics 365

You should also consider the following problems when comparing distinct providers with backup services.

  • Use of your own private encryption keys,  so that you always manage your backup data yourself and not the supplier.
  • Use of different storage providers. It is an alternative to placing backups with distinct storage suppliers, and perhaps even in your own data center if you want to further restrict the hazards. Pay attention to all the advantages and disadvantages offered by distinct storage suppliers such as bandwidth or additional information transfer expenses.
  • It is also essential to manage the release of SaaS alternatives from third parties. Cloud suppliers tend to introduce fresh product updates rapidly, which sometimes disrupt the cloud environments of a customer. Therefore, good and regular management of the release from a third party SaaS supplier is essential.

Finally, ensure cloud suppliers have ISO safety certification for the systems they are using (MSFT, AWS, Google) and for their own infrastructure. ISO 27001 provides a solid foundation.

Monitoring and Verification

It is essential that it continues to be controlled through (1) backup dashboards and logs and (2) periodic retrieval tests after all information is stored in an organization's backup. This allows you to determine whether current processes are working properly and whether protected goods can still be efficiently restored. I propose the following: regularity:

You should be able to create a fresh or better backup approach for Office 365 with these four steps. Intuitive third-party solutions can assist you quickly expand the normal backup features of Microsoft if you have to fulfill rigorous (legal) demands. In any event, I hope these measures will assist you in your manner to better-protecting Office 365 business information and avoiding unwanted data loss.








Essential Hardware Products for Starting Your Business as a SME

Whatever the sector in which you operate, as part of your startup plans you will have to invest in high-quality devices and hardware.

A number of hardware kinds can simplify many of your day-to-day business and administrative activities and support you in organizing your company. You can save cash and make the most of your startup budget by knowing what type of instruments and facilities you invest.

Five hardware products are here that you need to start your company.

A Desktop or Laptop Computer

Easier to transfer laptops to multi-user workstations, whether it's custom desktop computers, make sure you work with a reputable business that meets your computer requirements. Weigh your desktop or laptop computer whether you want it. You will need several years of duration of products and hardware that require minimal maintenance or maintenance. Fortunately, on the market, there are plenty of quality computers and excellent laptop choices.

External Hard Drive

Some machines on your network may need an external hard disk to store and assist you organize certain kinds of data. An external hard drive can be a smart investment for startup companies that do not want to store data on the cloud or on hard drives on their pcs.

In the case of an incident such as fire, precious and delicate information can be protected on external hard drives. These can be used for certain data types as backup systems and even invest in a scheme with built-in locks and additional layers of safety in order to avoid robbery.

Network Server Solution

You will have to set up a network server if your company is to support any sort of network for your database, email apps, and other documents. From several server alternatives, you can choose according to the quantity of storage, safety and backup requirements you need. Work with a specialist to make sure you purchase the correct package according to present and future requirements.

Wireless Router

Maintain the wireless connection of your office or workspace to the Internet. High-speed connectivity to all connected pcs and mobile devices can be achieved through a powerful wireless connection. Beware that working wirelessly reduces the need for additional wires running around and into your office if you have a tiny room.

A Quality Printer

Whether you intend to print all your marketing products or simply have to work with fundamental employment, invest in top-quality printers to save you quick printing times and energy. Reduce printing expenses by enabling your staff to operate as an office without paper whenever possible. For agreements, legal papers and other equipment, you will still need a decent printer. There are many features of some printers such as scanning, copying and faxing.


Investing in the correct hardware goods for your startup company will assist you to remain organized, increase efficiency and minimize additional expenses related to fundamental duties. Since each company has distinctive requirements, consider discussing suggestions about the kinds of hardware that are great for your company with a computer specialist and information safety experts. Take time to discover quality products and alternatives with your company to avoid spending more cash replacing an obsolete system or paying comprehensive upgrades and maintenance fees for your company.

Best Hardware Review: Cisco 8865 IP Phone Review

The Cisco 8865 IP Phone is the latest California-based multi-national tool available to increase further the ability of discerning business users to communicate and cooperate. With annual revenue of around $49,24 billion, one of the world's leading telco developers (in 2016), Cisco is very expected, but how does the 8865 IP Phone meet these expectations? To find out what it offers, what advantages it can offer businesses and which companies can benefit most from investing in it, we have decided to write a detailed review.


With stunning, rear lights, high-resolution color view, 8865 comes in an attractive, ergonomic design, with a choice of black and silver or silver and silver.

Key Features

  • Cisco Smart Proximity means that you can work with your desk and your mobile phones
  • The 8865 has five line keys that can be programmed. You can adjust keys to either support multiple directory numbers or call functions like speed dial
  • The 8865 has a VGA backlit widescreen display with a 5-inch high resolution (800 x 480). Local language support to meet the requirements of global users, including right-to-right screen text
  • A five-way browser cluster allows users to easily move through the menus
  • Acoustic keys that are backlit provide flexibility for audio path choice and switching
  • The phone offers a built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch for both network connection and your PC connection
  • The phone also supports locations with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless LAN (WLAN) enabled
  • Comes as standard with 2 USB ports so you can charge other devices
  • Can be wall-mounted if needed with the addition of the optional wall-mount kit
  • Expand physical keys and display features with the 8800 series Key Expansion Module range
  • Expand physical keys and display features with the 8800 series Key Expansion Module range

Who is it for

To the discerning business user who wants ' always reliability ' with his mobile device's additional telephony integration bonus.

EHT Opinion

With the 8865 IP Phone from Cisco, users are able to operate more freely. They can communicate both internally and externally at a much more advanced level and implement it in the infrastructure of a company that already uses telephones from the 8800 series. Did you have any experiences you want to share with the 8865 IP phone? Do you feel that it lives up to the international reputation of Cisco? Please feel free to submit them to our comment & review section below if you have any thoughts that you want to share.

Old tech reveals personal data of past owner

Did you wipe all your data properly before getting rid of your computer hardware?

In order to discover how well businesses wipe data on end of life devices, Researcher Josh Frantz from Rapid7 purchased 85 used IT hardware including computers, flash drives, phones, and hard drives from businesses. In total, he paid $600.

Astonishingly, only two devices were wiped properly, and three devices were encrypted. He was able to retrieve 214,019 images, 3,406 documents, and 148,903 email messages from all the devices he purchased.

In an attempt to sift through all these data for potentially private information, he used Python script and PowerShell to identify social security numbers, dates of birth, credit card numbers, and phone numbers. He ended up collecting 611 email addresses, 50 dates of birth, 41 Social Security numbers, 19 credit-card numbers, 6 driver’s license numbers, and 2 passport numbers.

So, how much do these data worth?

To research further about the black market value of the data, Frantz was surprised to learn how cheap it is to buy people's information on the Darknet. Social security number cost around $1 apiece, while full documents cost around $3. It is obvious to say that data leakage is so common that it has driven down the cost of the data itself.

How to safely dispose of your IT hardware?

From this experiment, we learned the importance of wipe your data properly before dispose of your hardware.  At Easy Hardware Trading, we offer IT hardware a second life so it has always been our priority to have professionals wipe out all the data in the devices when we receive used hardware.