Spotlight: The Oceans Cleanup

Every year, millions of tons of plastic and hardware enter the oceans primarily from rivers. The plastic afloat across the oceans – legacy plastic – isn’t going away by itself. Therefore, solving ocean plastic pollution requires a combination of stemming the inflow and cleaning up what has already accumulated. The Ocean Cleanup is designing and […]

Awair 2nd Edition

AWAIR launched the latest solution for better air quality and the environment- Awair 2nd edition.   Indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than outside, due to factors like paint, furniture, carpet, air fresheners, toys…etc. These are the factors that cause allergies, asthma, concentration, sleep quality, skin health, and many more health problems. Nowadays, people spend a […]

How to recycle computer equipment

What normal company does Donate to non-profits Return products to the manufacturer Take to professional disposal waste Resell to the original seller What Eht does Buy used/obsolete computer equipment Sell refurbished computer to other company   What are the benefits of choosing EHT? Reduce waste and save the environment  Optional Data Wiping: We offer an option to wipe out […]

Advantages of Green Computing

There are a lot of advantages of technologies, which help to make the environment better. Nowadays, companies in a field of IT try to provide clients and consumers with hardware, which brings no harm to the society. Easy Hardware Trading is one of those companies who care about people and the world we live in. […]