The urge for the health industry to move to E-health

The application of technologies can provide better health care. The government of the Netherlands decided to invest ninety million euros in the improvement of e-health in 2019. It can give better care after old people who need it. Also, people with disabilities and chronical illnesses can benefit from e-health applications such as web apps or Internet messengers, which can be used both by clinicians and patients in order to communicate with each other. Also, it will be possible for patients to see their health records online in medical databases. It will make the living conditions easier for patients.

E-health applications are still not widely used, they will be available for elderly people on a regular basis. In this case, the hardware should be used to provide patients with e-health applications. For instance,  the information with medical records can be stored in computers for a long time, which is an advantage for clinicians.  The patients can also see their medical records. Both medical professionals and patients can have a reciprocal communication with each other when it is necessary with the help of created web apps or Internet messengers.