As every Tuesday, Easy Hardware Trading presents a new way to become a green company.

The topic of today is very important for us because it represents the main activity of how EHT operates and shows that the involvement of Easy Hardware Trading in the green world is very high.

The green activity that we are going to be presenting today is called refurbishment. This process involves old and obsolete hardware presenting itself as one of the best ways to recycle material, help the environment, and it represents the most efficient use of resources.

– Performance: the refurbished product will be equivalent to the new or same configuration.


The US Environmental Protection Agency wrote that “Two million tons of used electronics are discarded yearly- only 18 percent of computers and television are recycled”. The process of refurbishment consists of cleaning, testing, reconfiguring and warranting the product for further use, instead of just throw it away and waste its potential.

Companies choosing refurbished products instead of new ones will have significant benefits:

– Cost savings: a refurbished product is cheaper than a new one.

– Reliability: the product is tested to identify defects and repaired them. In this way, even if the product is not new, it will be able to perform well for several years.

– Availability: there is a high availability of refurbished products to choose from.

– Value: buying the refurbished product will not represent a loss of value.

– Environmentally friendly: buying a refurbished product will help the environment since the overall carbon footprint deriving from the production of the new product will decrease and the carbon emission will decline.

In the picture, it is shown a part of the refurbishment process at Easy Hardware Trading.