The best performing hardware of the past week – Cisco SG100D-08P-NA

EHT is happy to announce you that the best performing hardware of the previous week is Cisco Systems 8-Port-SG100D-01-NA 8 Gigabit  Switch. The product is perfect for people who work from home or have small businesses. The initial idea of creating this switch is for the usage in business networks. It is easy to use the switch for people who prefer working from home. The speed is fast and it has 16 Gbps of capacity, meaning that the data can be transferred to other users quickly. It also provides users with HDTV and VoIP phone connections.  The size of the switch is 5.51, which makes it good for putting somewhere at home. The hardware also supports 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1,000 Mbps technical products.

Furthermore, the Cisco switch saves energy when the devices turn off, meaning that the hardware changes its mode. This helps to consume less energy, which is also an advantage for a potential user of the switch. The product is very comfortable for using it, offering fast speed for data transfers and a power-saving mode.