EHT Green Marketing Mix

  • Product: Easy Hardware Trading sells and buys hardware from environmentally friendly companies (Cisco, Juniper, Dell, IBM) and the main activity is represented by the refurbishment of the obsolete hardware and its sale. The refurbishment of hardware is one of the most widespread green activity in the IT world.


  • Price: Easy Hardware Trading always tries to set fair prices for its products. Although prices of green products are higher because more time and sources are required to construct the product in an environmentally friendly way. We discuss with the client to find an agreement that respects both of the people who build the hardware in an environmentally friendly way and the will of the client.


  • Place: Easy Hardware Trading has one office where hardware is stored. All the trades are made online by email and/or by phone in a way that CO2 emission and the waste of energy will be reduced to the minimum


  • Promotion: Easy Hardware Trading promotes itself mainly through social media and other online channels. No paper is wasted since all the procedures are conducted online.