Apple could add sleep tracking to the next Apple Watch

For its range of wearables from Apple Watch, Apple is reportedly working on sleep monitoring. 9to5Mac claims that the function could be presented as soon as next week and is called “Time in Bed Tracking.” Codenamed internally Burrito, Apple Watch is said to monitor the quality of sleep, motion, heart rate and noise. Like most Apple Watch data, sleep tracking will be available in the Health app and a new Sleep app for the watch.

Naturally, enough battery life will be required for Apple Watch sleep monitoring and for the device to be worn at night. While holders of Apple Watch typically charge their wearables overnight, 9to5Mac claims they will receive a notification to charge their watch in front of the bed. Apple is also said to alter the way alarms operate with the Apple Watch, so if you wake up early and begin using your Apple Watch, your standard daily alarm will be silenced.

Apple Watch has been accessible for sleep monitoring through a multitude of third-party applications, but Apple has never supplied its own sleep monitoring function. Whether sleep monitoring will be accessible on all Apple Watch designs or restricted to prospective fresh devices we’ll probably hear more about on September 10th is not evident. Apple is anticipated to disclose minor hardware changes for next week’s Apple Watch, with fresh ceramic and titanium finishes and the latest OS 6 software from the company.