Google has finally launched MEENA, the best chatbot out there. Fun fact: MEENA can make jokes too. Meena was tested on a massive 341 gigabytes of public social media chatter to test it compatibility and it was WIN-WIN. What else can MEENA do? Help you talk longer. It makes your conversation make sense contextually! Basically it is a more human-user-friendly option.

For instance, if you say “I love ramen” and a chatbot replies “That’s nice,” the response makes sense but is vague. On the other hand, a response such as “Me too—I can’t get enough of Tokontsu” is specific. Google used crowd workers to generate sample conversations and to score utterances in around 100 conversations. MEENA got an SSA score of 79%, compared with 56% for Mitsuku, a state-of-the-art chatbot that has won the Loebner Prize for the last four years. Even human conversation partners only scored 86% in this new test.

Even though MEENA is not interactive just yet. Google says it won’t be releasing a public demo until it has vetted the model for safety and bias, which is probably a good thing. Evidently, Microsoft released its chatbot Tay on Twitter in 2016, it started spewing racist, misogynistic invective within hours.