Internet of things

Nowadays, “The Internet of Things” is a very popular and increasingly growing topic in the world. The concept is new and complex. The main idea is that any of devices can be connected to each other with the use of an on or off switch, which is also called "The Internet of Things" platform. All of the shared data is transferred through that platform between connected devices. In the process of data transfer, people also help to create a connection between devices. For example, you are in a hurry for a very important meeting but gets into a traffic jam. Your car navigator in the phone reacts immediately to the situation and sends a message to people that wait for you at the meeting. It is a perfect scenario, isn't it?

In fact, "The Internet of Things" gets more discussions around the concept than it is actually applied for a daily use. But this is just a matter of time. Some companies already work on the implementation of "The Internet of Things" to their businesses. In several years, people might start living a "smart" life in their "smart" houses and more than that, "smart" cities. Imagine, you are going back home from a nice time spent with your friends. You have an electronic watch on your wrist and press on the screen. Simply, your electronic watch sends a signal or notification to your house to start preparing for your come. The house immediately turns on the heating in rooms, a boiler heats the water for a warm shower and the kettle starts boiling water for tea in the kitchen. This is how a "smart" house will look like in the near future. The same will happen to cities all over the world. The infrastructure will be improved and made better for the living conditions of citizens. For example, the number of traffic jams will be decreased because people will be quickly informed about it so that they know which road not to drive. This is just a small drop in the ocean of changes and improvements, which should be awaited ahead.

"The Internet of Things" is also very important for companies, which operate in a B2B sector. If manufacturers produce their products by embedding sensors, it will help them to know whether there are any problems with products. In such a way, issues with products will be detected on an early stage and fixed accordingly. Sometimes, a problem is not exactly with a specific product, but with distribution and supply chain. This is also something that can be found out immediately with a help of sensors embedded in products. For sure, this is quite expensive to use "The Internet of Things" for a lot of businesses and consumers. However, it is a big step towards the future.




Advantages of Green Computing

There are a lot of advantages of technologies, which help to make the environment better. Nowadays, companies in a field of IT try to provide clients and consumers with hardware, which brings no harm to the society. Easy Hardware Trading is one of those companies who care about people and the world we live in. Here you can find a list of advantages of EHT towards the environment:
1. We offer devices, which are made from sustainable materials. It means that the danger of getting cancer or other serious diseases is reduced.
2. Also, the company provides computer staff with the care of energy. For example, the displays for computers have a power-saving mode, which helps to consume less energy.
3. EHT makes sure that the recycling of old hardware is done in a good and reliable way.
4. There is a wide range of switches and routers the company offers to people. The use of switches or routers helps to work or study with electronic devices. It reduces a deforestation that happens when a lot of people prefer working or studying with printed books.
EHT always do as much as possible in the improvement of the environment!

The best performing hardware of the past week - Cisco SG100D-08P-NA

EHT is happy to announce you that the best performing hardware of the previous week is Cisco Systems 8-Port-SG100D-01-NA 8 Gigabit  Switch. The product is perfect for people who work from home or have small businesses. The initial idea of creating this switch is for the usage in business networks. It is easy to use the switch for people who prefer working from home. The speed is fast and it has 16 Gbps of capacity, meaning that the data can be transferred to other users quickly. It also provides users with HDTV and VoIP phone connections.  The size of the switch is 5.51, which makes it good for putting somewhere at home. The hardware also supports 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1,000 Mbps technical products.

Furthermore, the Cisco switch saves energy when the devices turn off, meaning that the hardware changes its mode. This helps to consume less energy, which is also an advantage for a potential user of the switch. The product is very comfortable for using it, offering fast speed for data transfers and a power-saving mode.

Green Technologies in Computer Sciences

We are in an era where we need to be aware of environmentally friendly green technologies. It simply means that people try to reduce harm to nature. A few examples are the production of cloths from the recycled materials, cotton packaging or rechargeable batteries. The same goes for computers and hardware. Modern PC's and laptops are made in a way to consume less power by a specific hardware inserted in them. LCD displays are one of those components, which help to improve the quality of the image and lower the use of power when working on computers. The modern society extremely uses technologies in every field of work. etc. marketing, IT, medicine. Furthermore, a big percentage of technologies are exploited in households. Almost all of the home duties are done with the help of washing machines, dishwasher, vacuum cleaners, and many others.  Such intense usage of technologies leads to the environment pollutions and a huge amount of energy wasted. The environment is polluted with dangerous chemical elements found in technologies. Therefore, researchers have started looking for options of how the danger can be minimized by society. There are found several ways of how to make our planet greener and less intoxicated by the technologies. Let's look at a few of them:

  1. As it was mentioned in the article, there are eco-friendly displays. They eliminate toxins from the materials that regular displays are made of. Dell offers a few of such displays: G2210 and G2410 LED Monitors. This is a perfect chance for tech savvies and people who care about the environment to help the planet go greener. EHT is happy to let everyone know that eco-friendly displays can be ordered from the company's official website. Go in one step with innovative offers!
  2. Bamboo keyboards. What kind of material could be better for a new eco-friendly keyboard?  This is a perfect solution for everyone. Do not miss a chance to own this keyboard be going to EHT's website and making a pre-order. Yes, the bamboo keyboards is a top-product for the last few months. Hurry up!

The trends are moving forward and we should also keep on improving our lives. Technologies occurred to be the most important part of human life and it is always good to stay tuned in this area.