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Hardware trading, recycling, datawiping, SFP and more

We buy your used hardware

We offer money for your used hardware

Your old hardware isn’t like wine and doesn’t grow in value just by storing it. So, rather than letting your obsolete IT equipment gather dust in the back of your warehouse, trade it now for cash!

Get a free quote on your used hardware

We supply our customers with operative hardware at competitive prices

Server and switch in racks

Whether you’re looking for an operational network at a budget price or state-of-the-art technology, you’ll find the right match among our 30 000+ products.

If you already know what you have in mind, you can also directly reach us at :

+31 (0) 107271050

All our equipment have a 1 year warranty included

1 year warranty on our refurbished hardware

EHT offers 1-year standard warranty on all new, certified and refurbished equipment! Because we believe in our products, we are ready to extent the guarantee up to 3 years. This guarantee you the replacement of defective furniture.

*This service is only available to our end-user customers. Resellers and wholesale customer need to check terms and conditions for warranty condition.

Take advantage of world-class delivery

Worldwide services with UPS delivery

Our partner UPS guarantees you that your parcel will be delivered intact in a timely manner.

If you’d like to sell us your used equipment, don’t worry about delivery. It’s on the house!

Bring us your old electronics and get a discount on new

Trade in offers for hardware and IT equipment

We are constantly looking for new deals, but exchanges are also welcome. If you’re looking at buying from us, send us your used equipment and get a discount on your order!

A low-priced alternative to branded SFP

Easy Optics low priced SFP (cisco rebranded)

All A-brands charge a nice premium on small products like SFPs. Though, why would you pay more that what you should? EHT has business relations with the same SFP manufacturers as they do. As such, we’re able to provide you with the exact same quality of SFPs as they do, at a significantly lower price.

Contact us with quantity and part number of desired SFPs and we’ll come back to you with a quote.

Your secrets are safe with us.

Datawiping services for storage disks

Skilled malicious hackers are able to retrieve your data even after you’ve deleted them! Our methods remove all information and overwrite them with random meaningless stream of zeros.

Certified data wiping is the best way to ensure that no one is capable of accessing your erased data.

Join the green side of IT

Certified hardware recycling services

We offer recycling services that meet the strict standards of the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive. Green logistics nowadays is hugely considered inside the supply chain and recycling your hardware items helps you to achieve your environmental-friendly objectives.

End of life & end of sales products

End of life / sales hardware equipment

The price of hardware equipment tends to decrease heavily once they’re not sold anymore through the manufacturer’s retail channel. Still, end of sale products can be the right low-cost alternative that meets your requirements.  So, why not adopt a system that has proven its value ?

Are you looking for a particular component?

Rare hardware parts sourcing services

Finding the right spare part can be like searching a needle in a haystack. EHT sources its IT equipment worldwide, and has access to a catalogue of 50 000+ products.

So don’t look further, ask us to search for you!

Completely furnished server, available for short rent

Server available for short term rent

Rental is a cost-effective approach for businesses that need networking equipment for a short duration. It’s a perfect solution fort SMEs that needs a little boost to make a difference with their competitors in decisive business periods.

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