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Policies cookie files.

This Privacy Policy describes the rules on storage of and access to information on equipment of the user by means of cookies files, for the provision of digital services at the request of the User, by Easy Hardware Trading Mariniersweg 151, 3011 NK Rotterdam , The Netherlands.
1. Definitions

1. Administrator – means the company Easy Hardware Trading Mariniersweg 151 , 3011 NK Rotterdam ,The Netherlands.

2. Cookies – means information data, especially small text files that are stored and preserved by means of equipment designed to make the websites of the service available to the user.

3. Beheerder`s Cookies – Cookies means files posted by the Manager in respect of digital services provided by the Manager within the Service.
4. External Cookies – Cookies means files posted by partners of the Manager, via the website of the Service.

5. Service – means the website where the manager creates a web service in the domain www.easyhardwaretrading.nl

6. Equipment – means electronic equipment that allows the user accesses the web pages of the Service.

7. User – means an entity that according to the Rules and the law, is permitted to use the digital services or which may be agreed to provide digital services.

2. Types of cookies used files

1. Cookies files used by the Manager are safe for User Equipment. In this way the User Equipment is kept free from viruses, unwanted programs and malware. These files can help identify the programs used by the user and assist the Service User to vote individually on. Cookies usually contain the name of the domain where they come from, the shelf life of the equipment and an assigned value.

2. The Manager uses two types of cookies files:

A Session Cookies. These files are stored on the equipment of the user and stays there until the end of the particular browser session. Stored data are then permanently removed from the user’s memory. The mechanism of session cookies makes it impossible to obtain confidential or personal information of the User Equipment.

b. Permanent Cookies: These files are stored on the equipment of the user and remain there until the time of disposal. Ending the browser session or turning off the equipment does not mean that they are removed from the user’s equipment. The mechanism of session cookies makes it impossible to obtain confidential or personal information of the User Equipment.

3. The user has the ability to restrict access to the files of cookies Equipment or to disable access to all. If this option is chosen to make use of the service is still possible, with the exception of the functions of naturally cookies need files.

3. The use of cookies files

1. The Manager uses cookies files to customize the content of Internet sites to the preferences of the user and to optimize the use of those sites. The files are also used to create anonymous, aggregated statistics that help the user understand how to use the sites. This makes the improvement of structure and content as possible, with the exception of personal identification of the user.

4. Opportunities to determine the storage conditions or to access using Cookies

1. The user can independently and at any time to adjust the settings of Cookies files by the terms of storing and accessing files via Cookies to the User Equipment. Setting changes, referenced in the preceding sentence may be made by the user via the web browser settings or configuring the service correctly. The settings can, in particular, be adjusted in such a way that the automatic control of Cookies is blocked, or that are arranged in each case again cookies on the user of the equipment. Specific information about the possibilities and types of control Cookies files are available in the settings for programming (web browser).

2. The user may at any time remove the cookies file by using the options that are available to the browser used.

3. Limiting the use of Cookies files may affect some features available on the website of the User

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